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The Tech-Driven Evolution of Australia Construction Sector

How Technology Can Revolutionize Construction Productivity of Australia

Discover how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping construction industry of Australia, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and improving safety.

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Generative AI Economic Impact: $115 Billion for Australia by 2030

Generative AI: Powering a $115 Billion Annual Boost in Australia

How can generative AI boost Australia's economy? This blog post explores the potential benefits of GAI for a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance.

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Impact of COVID-19 on NSW Construction: Challenges & Adaptation

The Impact of COVID-19 on the New South Wales Construction Industry

Explore how COVID-19 has reshaped the NSW construction industry. Discover the challenges faced, adaptations made, and get insights into the future outlook.

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AI in Construction: Building the Future with Microsoft Partners

AI in Construction and How Microsoft Partners Can Help

Explore the powerful impact of AI on construction projects with support from Microsoft partners. Discover how predictive maintenance, quality control, and safety enhancements transform the sector.

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Elevate Revenue in Saudi Arabia: Partner with ProjectPro for Success

Grow Your Revenue in the Saudi Region Partnering with ProjectPro

Discover how partnering with ProjectPro can amplify your revenue potential in the burgeoning Saudi construction sector.

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How crew timesheets can improve construction accounting software

Unlocking the Potential of Crew Timesheets in Construction Accounting Software

Learn how crew timesheets empower construction accounting software to optimize resource allocation, budgeting, and project profitability.

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Partnering with a Construction Solutions Provider as a Microsoft Partner

The Advantages for Microsoft Partners of Joining a Construction Management Partner Program

Explore the advantages of collaborating with a specialized construction solutions provider as a Microsoft partner.

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Impact of COVID-19 on NSW Construction: Challenges and Adaptation

The Impact of COVID-19 on the New South Wales Construction Industry

Explore how COVID-19 has reshaped the NSW construction industry. Discover the challenges faced, adaptations made, and get insights into the future outlook.

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Partnering with a Construction Accounting Solutions Provider

The Benefits of Partnering with a Construction Accounting Solutions Provider

Discover the benefits of collaborating with a construction accounting solutions provider to streamline financial processes and gain a competitive edge in the construction industry.

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Driving Success in Construction with Dynamics 365 Finance

Building Success in Construction with Dynamics 365 Finance in Australia

Discover how Dynamics 365 Finance empowers construction companies to streamline financial operations, enhance project management, and achieve better financial visibility.

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Top Tips for Construction Builders in 2023 | Best Practices for Building Success

What are the Best Things Construction Builders Should do in 2023?

Discover the best strategies for construction builders to succeed in 2023. From innovative technology adoption to client-focused services, learn the top tips to boost efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

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Avoid These Top Financial Pitfalls as a Paving Contractor in 2023

Top Financial Pitfalls Paving Contractors Need to Watch Out for in 2023

Don't let financial mistakes derail your paving contracting business in 2023. Learn about the top financial pitfalls and how to avoid them for a successful year ahead.

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ChatGPT: A Game-Changer for General Contractors?

Is ChatGPT Worth Implementing for Construction Contractors?

Discover how ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, can revolutionize your general contracting business. Streamline communication, improve customer service, and increase efficiency with ChatGPT.

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 Impact of Inflation in the Construction industry in 2023 and Beyond

How Inflation will Impact the Construction industry in 2023 and Beyond

Discover how inflation affects the construction industry. From rising material costs to labor expenses, learn how to mitigate the impact on your business. Read more here.

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Data Analytics Trends to Aid Mining Contractors in 2023

How Data Analytics Trends Can Help Mining Contractors in 2023

Learn how emerging data analytics trends can enhance mining operations in 2023, from predictive maintenance to real-time monitoring and decision-making. Read the blog.

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Embrace the Change with New Software for Construction Business

Overcoming Resistance to Change: How to Get Your Team on Board with New Software

Learn how to get your team on board with Dynamic construction software. Discover tips to ensure a successful transition and improve your business productivity.

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How to Make Your Construction Business Recession-Proof

Building Resilience: Key Actions for Trade Contractors to Withstand Recession

Discover how Microsoft AppSource construction software can help your business survive the recession efficiently. Read this blog.

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Boost Efficiency with Construction Accounting Software

Eliminating Unproductive Work with Software: The Key to Business Efficiency

Eliminate unproductive tasks and streamline your workflow with software solutions. Learn how software can improve business efficiency and productivity.

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Accounting Software for Construction to Simplify Operations

Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can transform construction operations through enhanced project management, collaboration, and cost optimization. Read the blog.

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4 Data Management Challenges Faced by Construction Project Owners & Their Solution

What Unorganized Construction Project Data Costs Project Managers?

Project managers often face data management challenges due to lack of technology and skills. Find out how you can overcome this. Read now.

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8 Reasons Why Contractors Should Have Their Own Software

The Benefits of Investing in Accounting Software for Construction Trades

Every construction contractor should have its own accounting software to stay consistent in the market. Read the blog for more info:

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6 Benefits of Using a Document Management Software

How can Construction Operations Managers Manage Project Documents?

Technology can help construction operations managers with document management with ease. Find out how? Read this blog:

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4 Key Areas Construction Companies should Focus on 2023

4 Key Areas Construction Companies should Focus on 2023

Emerging trends are impacting the construction industry. So where should contractors focus in 2023? Find out in this detailed blog.

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Advantages of Using Cloud-based ERP Software for Construction Inventory Management

Advantages of Using Cloud-based ERP Software for Construction Inventory Management

Learn how Cloud-based ERP software offers real-time visibility, automated ordering, and streamlined inventory management for construction companies. Get ahead of the competition and optimize your inventory management today.

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5 Construction Technology Trends that you Should Look for in 2023

5 Construction Technology Trends that you Should Look for in 2023

Do you know the latest technology trends that will continue to rule the construction industry in 2023? Find out here and stay updated.

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How is Metaverse Transforming the Construction Industry?

How is Metaverse Transforming the Construction Industry?

Discover how Metaverse, a virtual world, is revolutionizing the construction industry with advanced simulations and innovative technologies. Read this blog

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Cloud-based Construction Management Software

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a cloud based construction management software that will help in a faster and efficient growth of your construction business.

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Top 4 Construction Financial Tips to Survive the Economic Crises

4 Construction Financial Management Tips to Survive the Economic Crises

Here are some tips for construction financial management that you can apply in your construction business to survive this economic crisis.

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5 Ways to Improve Construction Job Site Safety

How to Improve Construction Job Site Safety: 5 Effective Ways

Here are 5 effective ways by which you can improve the safety at your construction job site. Apply these on your project and see the progress excel!

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Top 5 Ways to Resolve Construction Risks

5 Construction Risks And Ways To Resolve Them

Here are some major risks related to construction and also how you can resolve them the easiest way possible for your construction business

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7 major aspects to keep in mind to manage your construction projects

7 Critical Aspects for Managing Your Construction Project Risks

Here are 7 critical aspects you should focus on while managing your construction project risks. Apply these steps today and see your project complete without any hurdles.

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How To Build Solid Construction Payments Strategy

A Comprehensive Guide to Build Solid Construction Payments Strategy

In this blog we have identified a few pointers that construction businesses should consider when creating their payment strategy.

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Top 4 tips for Invoice Management in Construction Business

4 Tips for a Painless Invoice Management in your Construction Business

How can you choose the best invoice management system for your unique business need? Start by implementing these four tips.

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5 Ways that will Help Construction Contractors Keep their Clients Happy

In this blog check out the 5 Ways that will Help Construction Contractors Keep their Clients Happy.

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Top 3 ways to resolve labor crises in Construction Industry

How can the next generation of construction contractors resolve labor crises in the industry?

Here's a blog sharing detailed insights into attracting new generations to the construction industry.

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Execute KPIs for your Construction Team with ProjectPro

How to Execute KPIs with ProjectPro for your Construction Team?

Check this blog and see How to Execute KPIs with ProjectPro for your Construction Team.

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Top 3 ways & benefits to connect Project Management Data

3 Ways to Connect Project Management Data & Reap Lucrative Benefits

Let's look at how incorporating data analytics into project management practices can significantly benefit project outcomes.

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Reasons Why Dynamic Business Central is an Ideal Cloud ERP Solution

Dynamics Business Central is the Ideal Cloud ERP Solution for your Construction Business

In this blog, check out why Dynamics Business Central is the Ideal Cloud ERP Solution for your Construction Business.

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How to deal with Inflation & Rising Construction Costs?

7 Tips for Overcoming Inflation & Rising Construction Costs

Check out the top 7 Tips for Overcoming Inflation & Rising Construction Costs.

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How to create invoices for Roofing Projects?

Create Invoices for your Roofing Projects with ProjectPro

Here's a blog that will answer your queries related to our invoicing solution and how you can Create Invoices for your Roofing Projects with ProjectPro.

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3 Effective Tips for Improving Subcontractors’ Project Quality

3 Effective Tips for Improving Subcontractors’ Project Quality

Here’s a detailed blog that will share some effective tips for subcontractors to improve project quality.

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Empowered Contractors: Make Better Decisions Through Data

Empowered Contractors can Make Better Decisions Through Data

Empowered Contractors: Make Better Decisions Through Data

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5 Tips For Maximum Results

5 Construction Job Management Software Tips For Maximum Results

Let’s see the best 5 construction job management software tips for maximum results include creating jobs for time and material or fixed price types and more.

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Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid In Certified Payroll Reporting

4 Mistakes to Avoid with Certified Payroll to Thrive in the Construction Industry

Check out this blog and see the 4 common mistakes to avoid with Certified Payroll to thrive in the Construction Industry.

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How to Manage Documents in ProjectPro for your Mining Business?

How to Manage Documents in ProjectPro for your Mining Business?

This blog will guide you through key aspects of document management and how ProjectPro can help you streamline documents.

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5 Ways Roofers Can Get Rid Of Financial Traps

5 Financial Traps that Roofers Face & Ways to Get Rid of Them

Let’s see 5 financial traps that roofers face and ways to get rid of them.

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How Digital Transformation is Improving Efficiency & Productivity for Miners?

Check out this blog how digital transformation is improving efficiency & productivity for miners.

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Top 4 reasons to use ProjectPro for Cost Estimation

4 Reasons Why you Should Use ProjectPro for Cost Estimation

A well-structured platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central helps you with project cost analysis from different vendors.

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Reduce Insurance Risk for Construction with ProjectPro

How can ProjectPro Help to Reduce Insurance Risk for Construction?

Let's see the detailed benefits of choosing ProjectPro to reduce insurance risk costs for your construction business.

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Top 5 Ways Young Guns Can Shape The Roofing Industry

How are Young Guns Shaping the Roofing Industry?

Businesses across the roofing industry are striving hard to meet their goals but young guns can shape the future of roofing industry. To know how, check this blog.

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Improve Mining Project Efficiency with ProjectPro

Let's check some effective tips to boost productivity and efficiency of mining projects with ProjectPro

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 Top 7 tips to Eliminate Data Silos for Subcontractors

7 Tips for Subcontractors to Eliminate Data Silos

Check out this blog and see the most effective tips to eliminate data silos from your company.

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How to avoid change order management challenges?

3 Change Order Management Challenges & Ways to Avoid Them

Read this blog to explore the 3 major change order management challenges encountered by construction professionals.

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5 Document Management Issues & Solutions in Construction

5 Document Management Issues in Construction Business & its Effective Solutions

Check out this blog and get to know about 5 document management issues in construction business & its effective solutions.

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Manage Construction Conflicts with Construction Accounting Software

How will ProjectPro Help you Manage Construction Conflicts?

Check out this blog and see how With the power of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, ProjectPro is really helpful in preventing conflicts to a great extent.

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Top 5 Tips To Accomplish your Mining Projects Goals

5 Effective Tips for Accomplishing your Mining Project Goals Using ProjectPro

With streamlined workflows, miners can achieve milestones and stay consistent in the competitive market. Check out these 5 effective tips.

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6 Construction Process Management Steps for Roofers

6 Critical Construction Process Management Steps that Roofers Should Follow

Check out the steps you can take to start grasping the process management of your roofing business and ensure that your projects run efficiently, on time, and within budget.

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Top 10 Benefits of Using Timesheets for Construction Business

What are the Benefits of Using Timesheets for your Construction Business?

Let’s check out the top 10 Benefits of Using Timesheets for your Construction Business.

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8 Strategies for Having a Safer Construction Business

8 Strategies for Having a Safer Construction Business

Check out this blog and see top 8 Strategies for Having a Safer Construction Business.

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How Choosing ProjectPro will Help HVAC Companies Streamline Operations?

Let's dive into the following aspects that will help you understand how you can reap the benefits of ProjectPro for your HVAC business.

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ways Subcontractors can maintain healthy cash flow

9 Ways Subcontractors Can Keep Their Cash flow Healthy with ProjectPro

Check out the top 9 effective tips for subcontractors to maintain their cash flow using ProjectPro.

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crucial phases of mining projects

5 Crucial Phases of Mining Projects and How ProjectPro can Help

Let’s look at the five stages of a mining project and uncover how the project management technology helps during each phase.

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4 Technological Mistakes Roofing Contractors Should Avoid

Check out top 4 technological mistakes roofing contractors should avoid to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Improve Construction Business Document Management System

5 Effective Tips to Improve Construction Business Document Management System

Check out the five tips for improving your construction business document management system with ProjectPro.

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How to manage change order process in construction?

Manage Change Order Process without Relying on Excel Sheets

Check out the 10 Ways how ProjectPro can Help you streamline the change order process without using excel sheets.

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Streamlining Construction Business

How can ProjectPro Help with Streamlining Construction Business Payroll?

Are you thinking of managing your construction payroll on your own to reduce these costs? Check ProjectPro.

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7 Ways How ProjectPro is Helping Roofing Business

7 Ways How ProjectPro is Changing the Game for Roofing Contractors

Check out this blog and see how choosing ProjectPro will help your roofing business to improve your company operations.

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How to Create Accurate Estimates in your Construction Business?

Execute the below-mentioned construction estimating tips and ensure that you're providing the most accurate estimate possible.

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7 Life-changing Benefits of ProjectPro for Electrical Contractors

ProjectPro can save electrical contractors time and money. Let’s dive into the seven essential advantages of using this cloud-based platform.

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Top Ways to Manage Construction Timesheets with ProjectPro

Check out how ProjectPro is the best platform for managing timesheets smartly. It enables you to keep track of resources with great ease.

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5 Factors That Affect Project Management Efficiency for Mining Businesses

Check out the factors that can negatively or positively affect mining site efficiency? Here are the five factors that will help you stay ahead of your project.

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4 Key Functionalities That you Should Consider in a Construction Accounting Software

Check this blog to know the best construction accounting software functionalities and insights into choosing the right platform for your construction business needs.

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How is construction management software being used by roofing contractors?

Check out how construction management software is being used by roofing contractors and the benefits of construction software.

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5 ways construction technology help you combat labor shortage

How will construction technology help you combat labor shortage? 5 Ways

Let’s dive into the blog to learn five ways construction technology helps you to manage your workforce, projects, and money.

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 Improve Finances with Construction Change Order Process Software

How does Construction Change Order Process Software Help to Improve Finances?

Check out the four strategies on How does Construction Change Order Process Software Help to Improve Finances.

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Deploy 3 Construction Strategies Successfully at Your Firm Today

3 Ways Construction Business can Avoid Scheduling Conflicts with Subcontractors

Check out the 3 Ways Construction Business can Avoid Scheduling Conflicts with Subcontractors.

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How mining contractors improve work efficiency with project scheduling?

How will timely project scheduling help mining contractors to improve work efficiency

Check out some pro tips that will help mining contractors streamline project scheduling and help to improve work efficiency.

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How Roofing Contractors are Using ProjectPro to Perform On-time & On-budget?

How Roofing Contractors are Using ProjectPro to Perform On-time & On-budget?

Let’s dive into the blog to know how ProjectPro can help roofing contractor to accomplish their task on-time & on-budget

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Construction CPA firm

Common Challenges Faced by Construction CPA Firms & How to Overcome Them

Let’s take a look at the common construction challenges faced by Construction CPA Firms & ways to avoid them.

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Construction Projects

Top 5 Reasons Why Construction Projects Get Delayed

Let’s check out the top five reasons why construction professionals fail to meet their project deadlines and tips to prevent them.

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How Progress Billing Can Boost Your Business Growth?

For construction professionals, accelerated and accurate billing is crucial in keeping business running easily and progress billing plays an integral role.

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Change order process

6 Steps To Improve Construction Change Order Process

Improve construction change order process if you want to survive the growing competition and to get better understanding on your projects.

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Top 6 Functionalities & Benefits of Accounting Software for the Mining Companies

Explore the best features & functionalities of ProjectPro that will help you make the right decision for your mining company.

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ProjectPro: Your All-in-one Roofing Software for Tracking Projects and Finances

Check out how ProjectPro with Business Central can streamline operations and help roofers track their projects

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6 Ways Roofing Contractors Save Time Using ProjectPro

Streamline your roofing operations, increase site efficiency and save time with our all-in-one construction software.

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Prepare your Roofing Business

7 Ways to Prepare Your Roofing Business for a More Profitable 2022

Check out the ways to improve productivity of your roofing company and how it can boost revenue in coming year.

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Evaluate your Roofing Software

Evaluating ProjectPro Your Roofing Software for 2022: Where to Start?

Check out what questions you should be asking and how ProjectPro with Business Central is the right choice as your roofing software.

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Construction Success

Your construction success depends on the right partner for the job

Choose construction partners wisely for success. ProjectPro with Business Central is one such partner that can help you achieve success.

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construction procurement requirements

Why is Procurement Important in Construction?

It is essential to value and maintain control as well as accept inputs from project and site managers. Thus, Procurement is important in construction.

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project management

Streamline your projects with construction project management software- ProjectPro!

Construction project management software offer solutions to simplify projects and help contractors to stay on track, within budget and meet their deadlines.

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Improve job costing

How to improve job costing with the help of technology?

Relying on technology in job costing can reap significant returns. Check out how to improve job costing with the help of technology.

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Payroll Process

How to deal with Payroll complexities with ProjectPro?

Check out how to deal with payroll complexities when you choose to deploy a construction software.

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progress billing

How Progress Billing can improve cash flow and expedite growth of your construction firm?

Let’s see how Progress Billing can help you improve cash flow and expedite the growth of your construction firm.

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Comprehensive Guide to Successful Construction Project Management

Construction has a lot of moving parts and one of the pillars in construction is effective project...

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electronic timesheets

Why do you need to switch to electronic timesheets for your construction business?

Explore why you should switch to electronic timesheets for your construction business to make your firm productive.

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construction management features

8 Construction Management Software Features of ProjectPro That Will Make Your Firm Profitable

Explore some of the best construction management features that enable construction professionals to deal with every day operations and make your firm profitable.

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cash flow forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting Guidelines For Your Next Big Construction Project

Check out construction cash flow forecast tips and guidelines that will help you finish your project within a defined budget and on time.

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Payroll process

How To Improve Your Payroll Process with ProjectPro?

Check out what you need to keep in mind before deploying a payroll solution make payroll processes quicker.

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Construction data analytics trends

Know About The Latest Data Analytics Trends In Construction

Check out what benefits await contractors when they are able to analyze data and implement data driven decisions on current projects.

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Partner Program

Drive Better Decisions With ProjectPro Partner Program

Partner with ProjectPro to grow your construction business and also enable owners to make bold decisions.

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Improve cash flow

What steps Specialty Contractors can take to improve Cash Flow?

Let’s see what steps speciality contractors must take to improve cash flow that will provide the financial team help in achieving positive cash flow.

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ROI by using construction software

How to get amazing ROI by using ProjectPro construction software?

It’s difficult to calculate ROI but ProjectPro construction software helps in delivering unparalleled time savings and makes complex construction jobs easier.

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3 Pillars of Digital Construction

Collaboration, Forecasting, and Material Workflows: Three Pillars of Digital Construction

Digital innovations can improve productivity and enhance revenue. Check out how Construction technology is transforming the industry

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construction project planning

5 Steps To Effective Project Planning: Leveraging Construction Project Management Practices in 2022

Check out list of 5 steps that lead to effective project planning and more impactful construction project management.

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Subcontractor management

Understanding Subcontractor Management with ProjectPro

Check out this blog and know the benefits of ProjectPro and how it can help you deal with sub-contractual needs.

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How Specialty Contractors Can Improve Efficiency with A Construction Accounting Software

Using construction accounting software can help specialty contractors to reduce risk while growing productivity and profit. Read more.

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Digital transformation in construction

How digital transformation in construction is breaking the mold?

Digitization is changing the construction landscape as the need for productivity improvement propels construction firms to start automation of manual tasks.

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Construction material planning

How to get construction materials planning right with the help of technology?

Materials management is an important factor. Thus, one can take the help of construction-specific software and make materials planning more efficient.

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technology has improved construction

How construction technology is paving way for a more diverse and inclusive workforce?

Check out this blog and understand how construction technology will continue to pave way for a more diverse and inclusive workforce

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Construction ERP Software

How Construction ERP Software can lead to added productivity in 2021?

Check out how you can fetch benefits of ERP software for your construction business for better productivity

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Digital Transformation in Construction

How to Make the Best Use of the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry

Learn how to maximize the digital transformation of the construction industry to reduce errors, improve processes, and increase returns on investments.

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Expert Roundup

Top Construction Technology Trends for 2021 - An Expert Roundup

We have gathered some view points of four influencers to provide you some insights on Construction Technology trends for 2021. Check it out.

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5 Growth Strategies To Expand Your Construction Business While Resisting The COVID Impact

Construction companies should plan a foundation for success in the near future. Check out 5 growth strategies to expand your Construction Business.

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Why Preconstruction Meetings Are Obligatory For Quality Construction?

Preconstruction meetings are a critical part of the construction project lifecycle as they are meant to overcome any difficulties related to execution.

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Time & Materials Contract In Construction: A Guide To The Basics

Like any other form of the construction contract, Time & Materials contracts have some sort of positive and negative aspects associated with them. Check it out how.

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The Future of Construction Finance: Overcoming the Pandemic

Manager your construction finance with ProjectPro team. It has extensive knowledge and decades of experience helping companies improve their financial management solutions.

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Construction Cost Management: The Secret To Revenue Building

Learn with ProjectPro how effective construction cost management could turn to be the ultimate secret for revenue building and added cash flow. Read the blog.

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The Winning Way to Bid on Government Projects: A quick Guide with ProjectPro

Choosing to bid on these projects can be time consuminghowever, winning governmental projects can give your company a generous boost in credibility and profits.

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4 Reasons Why Construction Technology Adoption Is On Surge In 2021

Check out the top four trends that have caused the rapid uprising in the construction industry leading to extensive adoption of construction technology.

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Real Time Reporting – How ProjectProCan Save You Money!

Want to know how you can save money with real time reporting? With Projectpro get the real time picture of individual projects and stay organized.

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Say No To Paperwork: Using ProjectPro For Advanced Document Management & Business Efficiency

Effective Document Management can be the key to the success of any construction project. Learn how ProjectPro helps you get essential document control.

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Why is Job Costing So Important for Contractors in 2021?

Precise job costing in construction can be the ultimate cost savior when working on big projects. Learn why job costing is so important for contractors in 2021.

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How To Gain A Competitive Advantage With Improved Job Costing In 2021?

Effective job costing is the key to the success of any construction contractor. Learn how it can help you have a competitive advantage in 2021 with ProjectPro.

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Adopting Changes in Tax Laws & Practices: What Construction Contractors Need To Know

US President Joe Biden is likely to introduce new tax laws under his administration. Learn the right accounting practices to ensure tax savings and liquidity.

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Construction Forecast 2021: The ‘V-shaped’ Recovery and The Effect of Recession

With lethal effect to construction due to the pandemic, read the blog to have detailed insights on the future of construction in 2021 recalling V-shaped recovery.

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Simplifying The Task Of Construction Payroll Management Using ProjectPro

Working on payroll can be tricky. Read the blog to learn how ProjectPro can help you simplify the process of construction payroll management with precision.

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4 Tips to Overcome Change Order Management Risks

4 Tips to Overcome Change Order Management Risks with ProjectPro

Quality change order management defines quality construction. Learn how construction software could help overcome risks related to change orders.

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How Do You Reduce The Need For Change Orders In Construction?

Dealing with change orders can get overwhelming. Read the blog to learn how you can reduce the need for change orders and ensure consistency in business.

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How Construction Contractors Should Do Budgeting In 2021

Struggling to plan your budget for construction projects in 2021? Learn four easy steps for improved budgeting practices and ensure maximum profitability.

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Using Construction Project Management Technology For Better Opportunities In 2021

Planning to grow? Read this blog from ProjectPro to learn how you can use construction project management technology to grab better opportunities in 2021.

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Top 7 COVID-19 Related Construction Challenges That Contractors Will Face In 2021

Need help sustaining your construction business? Read the blog & learn top 7 COVID-19 related challenges that construction contractors need to face in 2021.

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What Makes ProjectPro A Top-Rated Construction Management Software?

ProjectPro has been acknowledged by SoftwareWorld in its list of Top Construction Management Software in 2020 as ProjectPro provided unique and growing needs of construction companies.

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How Electrical Contractors Can Benefit from Construction Software Like ProjectPro?

Electrical contractors have extensive business needs when working on construction projects. Learn how construction software like ProjectPro can help.

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7 Ways Mechanical Contractors Can Make Use of Construction Accounting Software Technology

Mechanical contractors need to be progressive when working on large-sized projects. Learn with ProjectPro how construction accounting software can help.

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5 Tips That Can Help Subcontractors Choose the Best Construction Accounting Software

Construction subcontractors have high-efficiency needs with integrated construction accounting software. Read quick tips to make the choice with ProjectPro

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How Specialty Contractors Can Benefit from ProjectPro: An Integrated Construction Accounting Software

Integrated construction accounting software can bring huge business benefits to specialty contractors driving productivity and revenue. Learn more with ProjectPro

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5 Effective Ways to Avoid Rework and Disputes Using A Construction Project Management Software

Learn how using construction accounting and project management software can prevent rework and disputes. For more details, reach us today.

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How the Pandemic Has Added More Value to Remote Construction?

Learn with ProjectPro how the spread of pandemic has added more value to remote construction giving a boost to technology. Reach our experts to know more.

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How Commercial Contractors Should Plan For Upcoming Construction Projects In The New Normal

Let us quickly jump to a few tips that commercial contractors should keep in mind when planning for all upcoming projects while aligning with the new normal.

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How to Optimize Your Construction Business with Management Software - Tips and Things to Consider

Read the Tips to Choose the right construction management software, that ensures you make the most out of your selected software to optimize your construction business.

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Protecting Revenue In A Budget Restrained, COVID-19 Affected Construction Industry

This article addresses some of the issues that helps in Improving profits with precise deliveries is the key factor to sustain your construction business during COVID.

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Redefining Field Data Collection and Payroll Processing With Futuristic Construction Accounting Technology

Learn to use Smarter technology that can help with more accurate payroll processing through integrated accounting features. Schedule a free consultation session!

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The Benefits of Using A Construction Accounting Software: An Introduction to TimeSheets

Construction Timesheet Software helps to track the amount of time the workers are spending on the job site and can be of great value in understanding resource allocation.

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Why You Must Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Platform To Meet Your ERP Needs In Construction?

Are you a construction contractor looking for an effective & cost-friendly ERP software? Experience ProjectPro's for added flexibility & performance.

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ProjectPro for Specialty Contractors: Improving Construction Workflow for Streamlined Project Management

Learn how our construction accounting software can help you to optimize the construction project lifecycle or schedule a demo today!

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How ProjectPro Has Helped Customers Have An Extra Edge During COVID-19

Learn how ProjectPro helps its clients take control of their projects to improve revenue during these times of pandemic. Feel free to reach our team for COVID-19 related guidance.

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Invoicing, Accounting, and Construction

Here's a quick guide that helps you understand the basics of construction billing, insights on importance of invoicing, and tips to assist with quick payments.

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Payroll Software & Construction

Scale your business growth and revenues with the Right Construction Payroll Provider. Here are some aspects that you must consider while choosing the best one.

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How to Keep Your Construction Projects Going During COVID-19?

Go through our blog to know how Microsoft Dynamics ERP accounting software helps in your construction business during this pandemic. Schedule a call today.

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How to successfully manage change orders to prevent business loss

With construction accounting and project management software, you can easily manage change orders to prevent loss. To know more, go through our blog.

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Construction Accounting Technology

How Construction Accounting Technology Could Help Reshape the Pandemic Affected Construction Industry

Curious to know how pandemic affected construction business can be reshaped? Learn with Project Pro, a complete construction accounting software solution.

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Construction In 2020 – A Perception

The spread of COVID-19 has heavily affected the construction industry. Read how it is likely to affect work and the Workers in 2020 with ProjectPro. Have a look!

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Payroll Reporting & Construction

ProjectPro brings you a complete guide on effective Construction Payroll accounting using technology like dynamics 365 accounting software. Read now!

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Technology in construction

Why Does Your Construction Business Need Integrated Software Technology?

Check out why the adoption of technology by construction firms generate productivity while saving costs and time.

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Restarting Projects, Construction, and COVID-19

Learn the significance of Dynamics accounting software and understanding the critical path when continuing construction during Pandemic. Read more!

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Supply Chain Overdue, Construction, & COVID-19

Learn with our construction project management and accounting software how you can streamline all your contractual purchases and resource planning needs. Check now!

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Technology, Construction, and COVID-19

Learn how technology could help drive safety at the site with ProjectPro, advanced construction accounting and project management software. Read the blog.

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Impact, Uncertainties & COVID-19

COVID-19 brings a fallout in public construction projects. Learn how our construction accounting solution could help sustain the business. Read our blog.

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Cash Flow, Credit Impact, and COVID-19

Use accounting software for construction business to keep a check on project data and maintain finances against liabilities. To learn more, read our blog.

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COVID-19: Planning & Preparation

Best construction accounting solutions during this coronavirus outbreak. Go through our blog and easily keep your construction business on track.

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The CARES Act & the Construction Sector

Get the best benefit of construction accounting software against COVID-19. Read our blog and find ways to seek economic security under the CARES Act.

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The Present and the Expected State of Construction Industry Post COVID-19

ProjectPro brings you the possible outcomes of COVID-19 on construction considering the present state and the future. To gain more insights, read the blog!

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Construction Industry - Post COVID-19 Scenario

ProjectPro brings you a short revival guide sharing multiple aspects of the construction industry which are likely to be affected with the COVID-19. Read more!

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Construction Business

7 Contract Provisions to Avoid Loss of Liquidity in Construction Business, Apart from Force Majeure

Project Pro brings you 7 Contract Provisions to Avoid Loss of Liquidity in Construction Business during or post COVID-10. For more detail, read our blog!

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How COVID-19 has Affected the Construction Industry

COVID-19 has lead to fluctuations in the construction business. Find ways to measure impact and control solutions with ProjectPro. Read more!

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COVID-19 and the Construction Safety

Read the guidelines to ensure wellness and safety for all while maintaining business continuity with ProjectPro. Read our blog.

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How could Construction Companies Benefit from Dynamics Business Central?

How could Construction Companies Benefit from Dynamics Business Central?

To thrive in the highly competitive market, adopting cloud-based software like Microsoft Dynamics can help construction contractors achieve success.

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Navigating your Construction Business through COVID-19 with ProjectPro

Learn how ProjectPro can help to avoid the business damage during COVID-19 using remote management on Dynamics 365 BC for construction. Read more!

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