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modular construction

Modular Construction: A Real Estate Disruption in the Making

Modular construction represents the future of construction development. By controlling the plant conditions and using the same materials with the standard codes for the building, the building is constructed in about half the time. Many still consider prefabricated construction as an outlier but as digital transformation sweeps up, the need for productivity and precision will continue to rise. Read this eBook to know what sustainable impact and how widespread is the use of prefabricated construction and what lies ahead.
Cloud technology for contractors

How cloud technology is helping contractors save money and drive better business decisions?

Today the construction industry is well-positioned to undergo any digital transformation by the help of the cloud. Construction firms are increasingly realizing the benefits of cloud computing in construction. As cloud computing is the future of the digital, construction companies can clearly reap dividends if they deploy cloud technology. Read this eBook to know how can you harness the power of the Cloud & Connected Construction Technologies
ProjectPro vs Quickbooks eBook

ProjectPro vs QuickBooks: A Comparative Guide

Construction players are keen on software adoption today. With COVID-19 disrupting the construction ecosystem and triggering industry overhaul, many contractors have realized the need for integrating digital solutions to maintain cashflows. Read this eBook to know which construction accounting software- ProjectPro with Business Central or QuickBooks offers more advanced customization and automation tools to help you scale your construction business. And why purpose-built construction software- ProjectPro takes the lead.
Construction Professionals

How ProjectPro enables construction professionals to work smarter?

The construction industry is dealing with unforeseen challenges and demands today. The ongoing pandemic has made it all the more daunting to stay on top of the game. To make sure your bottom line is not suffering, you need to keep pace with technological advancements. Construction is hard work but with ProjectPro, it can be a lot easier. Besides when you have an all-in-one construction accounting software with great project management features, a lot of your operational tasks are easily taken care of and you can think about enhancing your revenue. Read this eBook to know more about why you need a software solution like ProjectPro to achieve your goals and meet everyday challenges.
ERP Software Improve Construction

Can ERP Software Improve Construction Project Profitability?

Technology has transformed all stages of the construction ecosystem. Digitization is leading to creation of power tools that are helping industries to design, plan, and execute projects on time. The need for construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is greatly felt across construction businesses of any size. The construction-focused hardware can eliminate many difficulties that are felt by construction owners. Read this eBook to know more about how ERP software can improve construction project profitability and increase revenue.
Construction accounting software technology

Why Do You Need Access To Advanced Construction Management Software Technology?

When it comes to budget construction, revenue building, and cash flow access- construction technology can pay huge dividends. Moreover, having access to advanced construction software can enhance the company’s productivity cycle as well. Today, the construction technology ecosystem is shifting towards integrated software that can cater to customer requirements. In turn, this is helping construction businesses achieve the desired value and can help them deliver projects on time.
 Construction technology

Construction Technology: How It Helps Save Time and Money

Construction projects going over-budget and behind schedule is not new in the construction industry — it's a decades-old problem. Though there are many solutions to avoid these challenges, businesses in the construction sector are resistant to change. In an industry with already low-profit margins, it can be a huge problem. This eBook lists how construction technology can help businesses and contractors solve the industry’s three gigantic challenges, resulting in saved money and time. So, read on and find out ways to improve your bottom line using technology.
 Construction Business

Growing Profits for Construction Businesses

Despite having high demand and employing millions of workers all across the globe, profitability has long been a subject of discussion in the fast-growing construction industry. Why construction businesses lack profitability? Why do construction businesses fail and what needs to be changed to ensure their survival? The eBook answers all such questions and lists factors that affect profit margins in a construction business. So, read on to find ways of incrementing not just revenue but sustainable growth in your construction biz.
 Construction project management

Keeping Your Construction Accounting And Project Management Software Up To Date

The introduction of technology into construction is nothing new. However, the rapidly changing business dynamics and hyper-competition between the construction companies have all created a need for change. Either it is big data or ever-changing mobile technology, construction companies are quickly leaning towards every new change. Read the eBook to learn why it’s time to switch from your existing construction accounting and project management software as we discuss the need to keep your system up to date.
How Mobile Technology Is Changing The Construction Industry

How Mobile Technology Is Changing The Construction Industry

If it is something that has completely redefined the idea of construction, it is the introduction of mobile and software technology. The rapid adoption of mobile devices at construction sites has not only helped contractors to streamline workflow but aim for better opportunities. This eBook will help you learn how communication, project management, field productivity, and business goals have been transformed for construction enthusiasts with the help of advanced construction software technology and mobile solutions.
Financial Risks

Everyday Financial Risks Possessed By Your Construction Business

If you are in the construction business, it is very likely for you to struggle with extensive financial risks. These risks can appear at any stage of the project lifecycle causing immediate loss of the cash flow and profit margins. Most of the time, these risks are associated with inaccurate reporting, change orders, improper resource planning, and many such complications that affect the projected growth. Read the eBook to learn how contractors could understand these challenges and ensure better productivity with practices that can help overcome the loss.
Construction Forecasting

Understanding Construction Forecasting with ProjectPro

Construction forecasting can be tricky, but it is one of the most important aspect of project lifecycle. However, most construction firms prevent switching to a construction accounting software that can offer automated forecasting capabilities and ultimately face various challenges related to cash flow, productivity, revenue, and delayed deliveries. Download the eBook to learn how using a software solution like ProjectPro could help your construction business to overcome aforementioned challenges.
Construction Software For Better ROI

Reasons To Use Construction Software For Better ROI

Over the years, the entire idea of construction has been redefined with the introduction of construction technology. However, the primary objectives of the business have stayed be the same with contractors looking for better business opportunities, higher revenue, while aiming at resilience and scalability. Read the eBook to learn 11 ways how a construction software platform like ProjectPro could help meet such goals delivering better ROI.

7 Terrifying Construction management mistakes 2021

Construction can be tricky. Especially, when contractors need to avoid thin profit margins and overcome any chances of business failure, it becomes necessary to understand any kind of issues with construction management practices. Read the eBook to learn 7 construction management mistakes that contractors need to avoid in 2021 ensuring a sustainable and productive future.

Construction Industry Trends 2021

After all the lows in 2020, 2021 seems to be a year of opportunities and progressive construction. However, this would need the construction firms to be highly intuitive of the trends of the construction industry in 2021 that can help them grow their business overcoming the challenges related to the pandemic. Download the guide to learn construction industry trends that are a must follow to rule the industry in 2021.

Improve Construction Productivity for Accelerated Growth of Revenue

Most of the time, construction contractors are found struggling with revenue and profit margins. However, the only thing that keeps them deprived of the expected returns is the inefficiency to improve construction productivity in the field. Read the eBook to learn about labor tracking as well as technology pitfalls that affect the ultimate performance and how integrated technology could help overcome such issues for better ROI.
Construction Accounting Software Technology

The Power Of Integrated Construction Accounting Software Technology – EBook

Since the entire idea of performance and productivity has been disturbed due to the ongoing pandemic, switching to an integrated construction accounting software can help contractors gain added project visibility and improved team collaborations. Read the eBook to learn how integrated technology can help contractors ensure better connectivity and control, while giving insights on the complexities, benefits, and idea of choosing the right solution.
Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management Software for Mechanical Contractors

When it comes to large-sized construction projects, mechanical contractors are one of the most significant parts of the project lifecycle. For this reason, many mechanical contractors are quickly switching towards integrated construction accounting software technology. This eBook will help you learn how construction project management software can help mechanical contractors to generate efficiency and improved business outcomes.
Construction Project Management Software

Creating A Connected Project Lifecycle Using Construction Project Management Software

When it comes to the construction industry, contractors and project managers often need to deal with challenges related to productivity. However, most of these hurdles are related to poor management, labor supply, supply management, and other issues related to the project lifecycle. This eBook will help you learn how construction project management technology can help improve efficiency and drive better opportunities.

Identifying Common Challenges That General Construction Contractors Face In Routine

Even though the construction industry has seen a massive revolution when it comes to operational practices and the adoption of technology, most general contractors tend to struggle when it comes to revenue and productivity. This eBook will help you understand the most significant operational and technological challenges which contractors need to face in their routine along with potential solutions to drive productivity in business.

5 Deceptions About Your Construction Accounting Software That Are Shrinking Your Revenue

Though most of the large-sized construction firms have started to take the benefit of integrated construction accounting technology, there are still many contractors who prefer to stick with outdated practices. Since this happens due to some common myths associated with construction accounting technology, This eBook will help you learn about 5 common deceptions that most contractors have with their existing solution.
Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Rate

Using A Construction Accounting Software To Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Rate

Over years, construction contractors have begun to shift their interest in improving customer service. Thanks to the contribution which integrated solutions like construction accounting software have made to deliver multiple projects on time, keeping data related to finances, resources, and payments in sync. Read the eBook to explore how such software technology could contribute to improving customer satisfaction rate while driving business opportunities.

Taking Advantage of an All-in-one Construction Accounting and Project Management Software in Construction

With productivity and revenue being the most significant concerns of the construction contractors, leaning on technology has become more of a necessity. Especially, the idea of integrated solutions that can deliver the best of construction accounting and project management related assistance. Check our eBook to learn how using such technology solutions can deliver great business advantage in construction.