How Digital Transformation is Improving Efficiency & Productivity for Miners?


To optimize safety, efficiency, sustainability, and reinvent operations in the mining industry have led to digitalization and automation. We know that mining is volatile, so shareholder expectations are incredibly high.

Moreover, in the construction industry, labor to operating costs are higher in proportion, which creates pressure on workforce efficiency, productivity, and performance. Also, the mining environments involved are often isolated and challenging. Mining companies must work hard to save the terrain and keep the workforce safe and healthy.

However, this is why investment in the mining industry has increased immensely over the past few years, pushing mining companies towards industrial innovation and adaptation. The connected digital mine will help you improve processes and workflows seamlessly.

Ultimately, the fact is that digital transformation and automation can provide substantial rewards for mining companies. Advancements like artificial 

Numerous digitization projects demonstrate vital connectivity advantages in working mining environments. Generally, vehicles are equipped with integrated field routers that connect them efficiently to the network, ensuring a stable network and availability for data transfer.

Moreover, to have a safer and more productive connected mining space is autonomous operations. Several companies help to deploy these autonomous haulage systems on private LTE networks. In today’s technology- growing world, remote wireless is soaring the productivity and efficiency as per statistics.

Typically, private cellular networks offer high capacity, industrial-grade robustness, and low latency for such operations. They sustain pervasive coverage for the delivery of real-time, high-definition video feeds and sensor data that Wi-Fi can't attain, allowing operators to suspend and start work in an instant remotely.

1. Embrace robust field router for better workflow

Ruggedized routers and dongles are available in the market, providing interoperability between the network and industrial equipment.  Mining contractors invest immensely in loaders, trucks, haulers, diggers, and other equipment. 

Embedded field routers with rigid outer bodies and high IP ratings connect them smoothly to private wireless networks in harsh conditions.

As we already know that wireless access points cover extensive areas, ensuring better connectivity than Wi-Fi, where the configuration is more exposed to blasts. Moreover, the coverage gets easily blocked by rock walls, metal objects, and piles of stones. 

Devices with shock and vibration design elements that can support various scopes and efficient traffic routes for numerous industrial protocols deliver the most powerful and efficient solutions.

2. Keep your team connected

Handheld devices should support mission-critical push-to-talk and push-to-video to allow teams to maintain firm contact. In today's digitally connected mine, they should also be able to leverage cutting-edge business applications and features such as ProjectPro powered by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

This platform allows you to manage repetitive administration and mining accounting tasks accordingly. Miners can stay focused on what they do best than working on non-core tasks and attain a streamlined workflow internally.  

Team collaboration is essential when it comes to timely delivery. A mining project manager hears what the team has to say and aspires to their advice from time to time. Also, you can do much more with construction software with the added capabilities of project management.

ProjectPro with Business Central allows you to complete projects on time. You can track the estimated costs of the project resulting in significant revenues and expected profits. This way, you can brainstorm with your team and collaborate when you have a single integrated platform.

3. Accelerating the adoption of new connected mining space

Presently, industrial-grade private networks offer comprehensive capabilities for today's miners. Advanced data analytics, equipment automation for 24/7 operations, and capabilities such as geolocation will all contribute to this – guaranteeing maintenance times and costs are reduced, and productivity, safety, and sustainability are improved. 

Implementing cloud-based software, AR, and VR capabilities will enhance remote maintenance activities and training, providing a more immersive and intuitive user experience.

For mining companies to leverage the potential of the connected mine, they should explore private wireless networks with integrated industrial devices and adapt to the latest technologies. This will allow miners to accelerate deployment and streamline the adoption of new capabilities to meet their industry goals.

Bottom Line

With robust software and equipment, managing your mining projects becomes much easier for you and your team. ProjectPro helps you keep your project aligned with resources and various other tasks.

You can gain better insights into resources, equipment & allocation. With precise and timely information, working within the project budget becomes feasible. It helps you integrate your management, labor & resources management, project accounting, customer relationship management, and material planning through a dedicated solution backed by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. 

Now reduce the time and effort and make better business decisions. 

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