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Plan Modules
Plan Modules
  • ProjectPro Basic
  • Progress Billing

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Plan Modules
Plan Modules
  • ProjectPro Basic
  • Progress Billing
  • Subcontract Management
  • Job Material Planning


Plan Modules
Plan Modules
  • ProjectPro Basic
  • Progress Billing
  • Subcontract Management
  • Job Material Planning
  • Job Quoting
  • Job Advanced Labor

*ProjectPro Team Users $10 per user


  • ProjectPro pricing is per month per user. ProjectPro users are based 1:1 ratio to Business Central Users paid on annually basis.
  • Requires Dynamics Business Central License (Essential or Premium). Not included in above pricing


Accounting FAQ:

Does ProjectPro handle Retention accounting for Customers and Vendors?

Yes, ProjectPro has Retention accounting for calculating, tracking and reporting all retention activities with Customers and Vendors to separate general ledger accounts in Business Central.

Is the Retention Amounts shown on the Aged Receivable and Aged Payables Reports?

Yes, ProjectPro shows all Retention transactions that are open on the Aged reports separately under Retention and option to show or not show on report.

How is Revenue Recognition by Job accomplished?

ProjectPro provides for jobs that are set for “Percentage of Completion” method in Three (3) ways. 1st) Budget verses Actual Cost; 2nd) Manual % Completion for Job; 3rd) Job Forecast Worksheet is the most accurate as it captures completion information by each job task code.

Job FAQ:

Does ProjectPro have a job task code structure like the Construction Standard Industry (CSI) Master Format?

Yes, ProjectPro has a fully customizable job task code with Three (3) tiered code structure.

How many levels below the Master Job does ProjectPro provide?

ProjectPro can handle up to Six (6) sub-levels of Job Cards related to the Master Job.

Can ProjectPro produce a report of what materials were used on the job?

Yes, ProjectPro can produce a Material List report of what items were estimated and what materials were consumed so far on the project by job task code. ProjectPro can also integrate with Dynamics 365 Business Central Payroll Solutions such as Payroll NOW, Primo Payday and Serenic.

Billings FAQ:

Does ProjectPro provide for Progress Billing in the AIA Format?

ProjectPro can produce the G702/G703 data but requires software licensee to enter AIA Subscription Code and Expiration Dates to protect their copyrights. If there is no subscription, then ProjectPro prints out the data only.

What Billing Methods does ProjectPro allow for?

With in the progress billing format a user can bill a contract line by Percentage, Units or Lump Sum. So when many contract lines, each line can bill by one of the these methods.

Does ProjectPro have Time and Material Billings?

Yes, ProjectPro enables each job to have it’s own markup by Cost Category and Labor Rates can be establish by Skill Class and Work Types.

Subcontractor FAQ:

Can ProjectPro handle change orders for subcontractors?

Yes, ProjectPro can create and track change orders associated to the Master Subcontract providing visibility of what was the original subcontract and additional changes that occurred.

Does the Subcontract Management track Certificates of Insurance and expirations?

Yes, ProjectPro allows for setup of a subcontractor’s insurance, licenses, certifications with descriptions and expiration dates. Users can see with an expiration is about to occur within 30 days.

Does ProjectPro generate Lien Releases for subcontractors?

Yes, ProjectPro can print during the payment process, either an “in Progress” or “Final Release” format.

Project Management FAQ:

How does ProjectPro handle “Estimated Cost to Complete” on jobs?

ProjectPro has a “Job Forecast Worksheet” that will track the progress of a job by task codes and saves any input for % complete, units complete, entry of cost values to complete. This can be entered and saved weekly, bi-weekly, Monthly, etc.

How can Project Manager see what costs are anticipated for each job task?

ProjectPro shows next to each Job Task not only the budget and actual cost values but the open Purchase Order values remaining “Committed Costs” and “Received Not Invoiced” values for purchases and subcontract work. This is helpful for Project Manager to see what costs are still committed and will likely be incurred.

Does ProjectPro have the ability to produce job production reports?

Yes, ProjectPro provides “Work Units” for analysis by Job Task. When a job task is setup with budgeted costs user can also enter work units and work unit of measure. Then as costs are incurred when the “Work Units” completed are recorded weekly, the job production report can use these values to produce “Cost per Unit” of production.

Advanced Job Labor FAQ:

Can ProjectPro integrate with payroll service companies?

Yes, ProjectPro can create a payroll worksheet that imports all the employee information from the posted jobs and generate an export for 3rd Party Service companies such as ADP®, Paychex®, and others.

Can ProjectPro create Certified Payroll Reports?

ProjectPro requires a Business Central payroll module or 3rdparty service to accomplish payroll processing. ProjectPro can provide an export of the labor entries posted to jobs along with their skill classes and work types necessary for payroll processing. When payroll data is processed and integrated with ProjectPro, Then ProjectPro can import the payroll information by job and can create Certified Payroll Reports.


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