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Enhanced Job Costing and Accounting

Enhanced Job Costing and Accounting

Get the most precise and accurate job costing and accounting solution that tracks all changes made to the original job, including any additional labor requirements.
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Invoice Processing Made Simple!

Invoice Processing Made Simple!

ProjectPro streamlines the process of invoice processing for your projects, providing clients with real-time progress reports and support for explanation-free invoicing.
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Advanced Resource Planning

Advanced Resource Planning

Never let labor or material shortages get in the way of your projects. With our software for kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors, you'll always have access to the right resources.
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Accounting, invoicing, document control, job scheduling, contract management and everything else you need to meet your business goals.

Keep Track Of Project Data

Make the most of your project data with insights into the information that can help manage your project pipeline for increased profits.

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Manage Multiple Projects Like A Pro!

Keep all employee and contract data in one place without the need to manage documents or confusing spreadsheets, leading to improved project management.

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Better Field Management & Productivity

Our custom solution for kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors allows you to remain aligned with operations at the job site for increased productivity.

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How ProjectPro can help me control finances for my kitchen and bath contractor business?

ProjectPro is a construction accounting software that helps you take complete control over your accounting and financial requirements. From the time a contract is initiated, it lets you manage estimates, job schedules, resources, payroll, billings, and change orders, etc. With all these reports and project data, it is easier for contractors to take control over the defined budget and progress the project for maximum profitability.

Can I integrate ProjectPro with any other third-party apps?

Yes, it can be integrated with third-party apps. ProjectPro is a perfect software for kitchen and bath contractors as it can integrate with ADP, Paychex or other payment management systems to improve financial control. Also, integration with Business Central payroll solutions such as Primo PayDay, Payroll NOW, and Serenic is also possible.

How can ProjectPro help in my kitchen and bath contractor business?

ProjectPro is a construction accounting and project management software with extended business capabilities. It can help manage your entire business process, from initiation of a project to its completion by working with other project activity modules such as job quoting, creating proposals, job purchasing, and procurement, job material planning, project management, project billing, payroll, subcontract management, timekeeping, etc.

Can I get a demo of ProjectPro to see if it is suitable for my business needs?

Yes, you can always get a quick and hassle-free consultation with our experts where we can help you get a clearer picture of the capabilities of ProjectPro along with scheduling a demo. In this session you will go through the features of the software that will suit your business requirements or special needs related to Accounting, ERP, CRM, and Project management.


When it comes to your construction business, we make sure comprehensive control is maintained. From invoicing to AIA billing options, we make sure everything runs smoothly. We work with you to make sure you're always on top of your game.

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