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Subcontract Management Made Simple

Subcontract Management Made Simple

Subcontract Contracts, Change Orders, & More, All at one place

ProjectPro provides the best construction project management solutions for tracking and managing subcontractors through Business Central.  Users can manage subcontractor contracts, change orders, work performed, retention values, lien release waivers, pay-when-paid, and certificates of insurance.

ProjectPro is a dynamics construction accounting solution which makes it a perfect resource for dealing with all project-related data in detail, even if it managing multiple subcontracts at the same time and with extreme precision.

Subcontracts by Vendor Reports

Subcontracts by Vendor Reports

For Tracking Project Data Based on User Categories

ProjectPro is a subcontractor accounting software that allows a user to go through subcontracts with access based on categories.
For instance, if a user needs to look for the subcontracts by vendor reports, he/she may simply access the data directly using any device without any need to sort or run through piles of subcontract documents present in the subcontract management section of the portal.

Subcontract by Job Reports

Subcontract by Job Reports

Locate Your Subcontract Data based on Job Reports

ProjectPro offers intense capabilities as accounting software for subcontractors since it allows a user to get track of subcontract data based on job reports.
This makes it easy for both the project owner and the construction company to keep a check on every task related to the project. Moreover, it helps to streamline activities and set the pace for completing the deliverables on time.

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This case study will help you understand how ProjectPro helped the client streamline financial reporting, and enhance project management and operations monitoring by offering real-time project performance visibility.

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Product Update
Product Update

Got a Question?

Can I easily create change orders for Subcontractors?

Yes, you can create Subcontract Change Order which would be related to the original Subcontract Card.

I want to know if I could add additional contract items to the original Subcontract Card even if a Purchase Order already exists?

Yes, if the user has permission to re-open Purchase Order. Then, the user can add new lines to Subcontract and transfer to the existing Purchase Order or Create a new Purchase Order.

Can I track Subcontractor’s Insurance?

Yes, on the Subcontract card you can track all the insurance policies and their expiration dates. There is an alert on the user’s dashboard that will notify when a vendor’s insurance policy is within 30 days of expiring.

How does ProjectPro handle progress billings that are rejected or unapproved by customer or field engineers?

ProjectPro provides the ability to create a new “Version” of the job billing. This enables our users to create a revised job billing and still keep the same “Requisition No.”. So the customer only sees the new correct billing document. If the job billing was already posted there will be a credit memo to reverse the original invoice. User selects the process there is no re-keying of information necessary.

How do I quickly see how many jobs that a specific Subcontractor is actively working on ?

You can easily run the Subcontractors by Vendor Report which will show all jobs listed by Subcontractor with options for subcontract details or in summary on our construction project management software.

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