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Stay Compliant With Labor Wages And All Payment Data

ProjectPro Advanced Job Labor enables user to post labor on daily basis from time sheets through job journals and then prepare integration for either Business Central Payroll Solutions or an export to your favorite payroll service.

The Advance Job Labor module enables users to create specific burdened rates to charge to the job daily providing immediate job costing of labor and productivity of your workforce while still maintaining access the labor entries to either share with your integrated payroll solution or export for outsourced processing.

Certified Payroll Reporting can be configured as long as you are using one of the below mentioned payroll solutions.

Got a Question?

If I want to use the Certified Payroll Report WH-347 what do I need to do?

To automate with payroll solution requires configuring the payroll import so it can update the Certified Payroll Registry inside of ProjectPro. Then you can run reports as needed for specific jobs by weeks needed to report.

Does ProjectPro actually calculate weekly payroll cost and taxes?

No, ProjectPro is not a payroll solution. ProjectPro works with many payroll solutions based on Business Central and ProjectPro works with “Outsourced” payroll service companies like ADP® and Paychex®. ProjectPro complements payroll solutions by providing Certified Payroll reporting by job. ProjectPro can have multiple labor rates by job to post to the job costs separate from the actual payroll costs for job labor.

Can I post labor to the jobs daily or weekly and still process payroll separately?

Yes, you can post time sheets of employee time entries to the jobs daily using a loaded labor Rate per Hour (Estimated Hourly Labor Cost). This Job Labor Cost can be posted to accounting and a contra-account then when the true payroll is processed for that week. You can post to the actual costs accounts and track a labor variance in a separate G/L account.

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