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Plan and Execute Tasks for Timely Deliveries

ProjectPro provides the project management tools necessary to plan and execute construction projects. It allows you to control and manage budgets, budget changes, contracts, change orders, labor resources, vendors, and subcontractors all at the task levels.

ProjectPro is a well-defined construction project management and accounting software that provides the ability to true-up projects on a timely basis through tracking the estimated costs of the project resulting in recognized revenues and expected profits.


Job Task Code (Work Breakdown) Structure

Lets You Keep a Check on Every Project Activity

ProjectPro is intelligent construction project management software that brings you Three(3) Level Task Code Structure, for tracking costs and billable activities. Based on Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities, it is designed to record, keep, and compute all the information related to resources.


Job Cost Categories

Get Individual Tracking of Resources Consumed

ProjectPro has definable cost categories to track user-definable – Labor, Equipment, Materials, Subcontract, etc. One can simply go to the activities section and take access to the list of available cost categories.

ProjectPro as a construction project management software is designed to help users get easy access to all the data and the job cost categories option lets them track and manage cost resources easily through a unique process and activities code.

Who We Are

Award-Winning Construction Software Created By Industry Experts

We know the construction industry challenges and we strive to make sure you achieve your project goals. We cut through complexity to give you the assurance and directions for your decisions, because we are here for the long term.

Projectpro: An award winning construction software


Case study

Communication Solution Provider

This case study will help you understand how ProjectPro helped the client streamline financial reporting, and enhance project management and operations monitoring by offering real-time project performance visibility.

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Product Update
Product Update

Got a Question?

Can I relate multiple jobs together for analysis or reporting?

Yes, you can select any job and make it a “Sub-Level” or “Child” to another “Parent” job. Most often you will use our construction accounting software, ProjectPro for “Job Classes” such as Master Job, Sub-Job, Change Order, etc. and then select that it is a “Sub-Level To” another job.

How many levels to your task code (work breakdown)?

here are three (3) levels to our task codes. Each task code level is up to 20 alphanumeric characters. The combination of all three cannot exceed Twenty (20) characters as well. Example: Concrete “03”, Concrete Forms “11”, Concrete Shoring “13”; thus three level task code is 03-11-13.

I want to know what my job’s “Original Budget” even after budget changes occur?

There is a Standard Progress Billing Invoice fYou will be able to lock the original budget of any job after budgets and contracts are setup. ormat that shows contract today and previous billings along with breakdown of “Schedule of Value” contract items. Under the Progress Billing setup you can add your AIA Subscription and Expiration Date to allow the printing of the G702 and G703 document.

I want to know if my Job Cost Categories are definable?

Yes, you can create your Cost Categories during transactions. There are Cost Category Reports. You can even default Cost Categories to automatically fill in G/L Account No. Example: Materials Cost Could be “MAT” and auto-fill in G/L #40200 during the purchase transaction.

Can I easily see a job’s critical budget verses actual costs, billings, payments received, and job’s outstanding payables?

Yes, ProjectPro has a Fact Box to show as of today: Actual Costs, Job Billings, Payments Received, A/R Balance, A/P Balances, and Subcontract Balances. All of these values show in your Fact Box.

How do I handle Change Orders on a Job?

You can easily select to create a change order while you are on a job automatically. ProjectPro will know the next change order number available for that job and will assign it. The user is prompted with a request to copy “master” job information such as Customer, Dates, Task Codes, and Descriptions. Once Change Order is created the Job Class will show as “Change Order”.

How do I know when a job is supposed to complete?

ProjectPro has “Activity Cues” on your Dynamics 365 Business Central dashboard indicating how many jobs should complete this month.

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