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Add value to your sales and get maximum cash flow remodeling contractor software

Get a project management and accounting solution designed and scalable for your business needs.


Attain Efficiency in Every Aspect of Your Remodeling Construction Business

Strengthen Team Collaboration

Strengthen Team Collaboration

Create and share documents easily to ensure your field and office teams stay in sync with critical remodeling information and designs.
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Streamline Workflow

Streamline Workflow

Improve productivity with complete insights to job budgets, contracts, project schedule, labor & equipment resource management tools.
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Billings Made Easy

Billings Made Easy

Setup billing rates and markups for various types of jobs. Many styles of job sales billings can be created and posted directly to your financials.
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Easily streamline your job sales, Project Management and accounting business needs

Keep Track of Project Progress

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, ProjectPro helps you track all current and upcoming project activities.

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From Quotes to Completions

We help you meet all of your project demands from the initial quotes through your job's final closeout.

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Grow Your Remodeling Business

Your business can grow and manage more projects with the same resources. Let us make it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

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How does ProjectPro help remodeling contractors?

ProjectPro is a software for remodeling contractors. It is designed to easily prepare proposals for signature and acceptance that can immediately convert to active remodeling jobs. Track all your designs, pictures and documents attached to your remodeling project files.

How does ProjectPro improve operations and management at the job site?

ProjectPro is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities. It allows you the benefit of scheduling and managing your installers and other trade resources while keeping track of your budget and customer commitments. From the initial estimating and planning through the closeout of the job, ProjectPro lets you manage everything related to sales, accounting and job management.

What makes ProjectPro a reliable and superior software choice?

ProjectPro is specifically designed for construction firms and powered by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to ensure you get the most out of your business software. Get complete control over your construction processes, from subcontractor scheduling tasks to progress billing.This is why ProjectPro is the most preferred choice among construction companies.

Are there any expensive upgrade or integration costs that I need to pay with ProjectPro?

No, one of the most significant reasons why our clients prefer and recommend ProjectPro is the affordability we offer. It does not require you to invest in expensive third-party integrations or upgrades to meet your requirements. Since it is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central, the upgrades are easy to implement and do not require any code changes or reimplementation.
The cost that you need for the software includes the cost of the software, licenses, third party integrations, and most affordable upgrades whenever Microsoft platform releases new upgrades with necessary changes.


We bring you the best ERP solution with added visibility to your finances. Are you still curious to know what makes ProjectPro a highly reliable and flexible solution for remodeling contractors?

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