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At ProjectPro, We Help You Drive Efficiency With Every Aspect Of Your Remodeling Construction Business

Strengthen Team Collaboration

Strengthen Team Collaboration

Create and share documents with ease to ensure your field and office teams stay in sync for optimum project performance.
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Streamline Workflow

Streamline Workflow

Improve productivity with complete insights to job number, work schedule, and equipment data with our labor & equipment management capabilities.
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Billings Made Easy

Billings Made Easy

Use ProjectPro to define billing rates for every unique job making it easier to work on financial aspects of the project with our software
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Add ease and convenience to your Accounting, CRM, ERP, and Project Management Needs.

Real-Time Project Tracking

Use business intelligence with our advanced software for keeping track of jobs, resources, and activities to upkeep productivity goals for remodeling contractors.

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Matchless Resource Planning

Manage multiple projects and people on the go! Plan your next project with maximum control of safety and risks.

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Make The Most With Finances

When your goals are business expansion, we let you take the next step by taking charge of finances, moving toward increased revenue.

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How does ProjectPro help remodeling contractors?

ProjectPro is true software for remodeling contractors. It is designed to meet project management and development requirements of the remodeling projects. From managing material resources to labor to assigning jobs, it lets you manage everything with ease.

How does ProjectPro improve operations and management at the construction site?

ProjectPro is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities . It allows contractors, project managers, office staff, site labor, and project owners to stay connected on all major decisions and progress of the project. From the initial phase of planning and estimation to the delivery of the project, ProjectPro lets you manage everything related to finances and accounting, CRM, ERP, and Project Management.

What makes ProjectPro a reliable and superior software choice?

When it comes to competition in the market for remodeling contractors software, we come with the most advanced technology and industry experience of over a decade. From professional billing options to payroll reporting such as WH-347, ProjectPro can handle everything.

It even lets the contractors and project managers’ work on bid proposals, payments, invoices, project scheduling, and all other operations that help to achieve timely and successful deliveries. On top of this, the extensive support on third-party integrations whether it is payroll related 3rd party integrations or payment management systems like ADP, Paychex, etc. you can do it all with ProjectPro.

Are there any expensive upgrade or integration costs that I need to pay with ProjectPro?

No, one of the most significant reasons why our clients prefer and recommend ProjectPro is the affordability we offer. It does not require you to invest in expensive third-party integrations or upgrades to meet your requirements. Since it is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central, the upgrades are easy to implement and do not require any code changes or reimplementation.
The cost that you need for the software includes the cost of the software, licenses, third party integrations, and most affordable upgrades whenever Microsoft platform releases new upgrades with necessary changes.


We bring you the best of ERP and Field Solutions with added visibility to your Finances. Are you still curious to know what makes ProjectPro a highly reliable and flexible solution when you need software for remodeling contractors? Let’s start a conversation.

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