Navigating your Construction Business through COVID-19 with ProjectPro


After affecting tens of thousands of people, COVID-19 has shown big impacts on the business environment, especially the construction industry. With every single day bringing more bad news to the United States, the spread of contagion has brought everything on halt.

In concern to the entire present scenario, there has been a huge build-up of emotional, physical, and economical stress. Therefore, our team at ProjectPro has defined its major priority to be providing necessary support to the clients suffering from economic as well as mental well-being.

Monitoring the situation, we at ProjectPro are giving our best efforts on providing support to our clients with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The entire support infrastructure has been crafted to essentially serve the idea of remote services without any disruption to the process.

The pandemic situation has turned to be an emergency for which none of us were prepared. From preparation, we are talking about the strings attached to the work that has created a situation of panic or stress due to unforeseen circumstances that we may get to witness on business operations and security.

However, taking advantage of cloud and business Intelligence on ProjectPro, we made it easy to work on remote management and administration requirements. This includes access to essential services like data, software, and any resources necessary to maintain the connection.

To cope up with the present situation, we have shifted our focus on three primary challenges to work in the construction industry that may hinder the process of accounting and other tasks that cannot be left suspended.

The Challenges

Concern on Support

During the present situation, the vital service which any business working on Dynamics 365 Business Central could demand is essential support.

To ensure routine assistance, ProjectPro has already covered everything related to remote. In other words, we will be leveraging our experience in team collaboration and virtual networking so that everything could be worked in an organized manner.

This will also include all the necessary tips and advice that can help to improve the remote working process on our accounting software for construction industry, ProjectPro.

Managing Business Operations

For those businesses which are running on the on-premise concept with the help of Dynamics 365, we have designed a special approach to work on the challenge of managing business operations.

Working on this concept, business continuity plans, and business operations could be kept in place. Apart from this, to upgrade the performance in business operations for our clients, ProjectPro has structured the features like:

  • Server Support
  • Rapid response
  • Data storage
  • Shifting of on-premise environments, etc.

These features can help a user to lift an on-premise environment and lead to a better way to manage desktop services. In short, the approach of ProjectPro towards business operations has everything that you need to deter the impact of COVID-19 with easy navigation and access.

Dealing with Security Management

Last but not least, the crisis situation could bring the challenge of online attacks since most hackers are active and are ready to take advantage of business data.

Considering the sudden rise of the attacks after the outbreak of COVID-19 and theft practices like ransomware or phishing, we have raised the standard of the security code with ProjectPro.

As these attacks could be of threat to a business of any size, ProjectPro encourages the need for security assessments for a protected business landscape.

This includes checking on infrastructure design and data management practices to avoid any chances of getting victimized with the attacks.


With years of industry experience and dealing with diverse business needs, ProjectPro aims to extend innovation and service support to all its clients during this hour of crisis.

To ensure best with the service delivery, we have covered the three most essential phases of business development using an enterprise construction software solution. Using the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and pairing it with the expertise, we have leveraged our priorities towards support, business operations, and security management. 

If you are having a hard time managing your business or taking advantage of Dynamics environment, share your queries and concerns with our support team on any advice related to remote, cloud, data security, business intelligence, or driving functionalities.

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