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EARTHWORK CONTRACTORS Get project management support and ensure timely deliveries with ProjectPro

From accounting to job costing and equipment management, ProjectPro makes everything simplified with easy implementation and use.


Want to stay ahead of technology goals and deliver excellence in your projects?

ProjectPro brings you the best of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to meet the changing needs of the advanced construction.

Accuracy with Job Costing

Accuracy with Job Costing

Always stay informed with unit-based tracking of the project with improved billing and control of production quantity.
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Estimation & Resource Management

Estimation & Resource Management

Get the essential help you need with management of equipment along with complete control on material orders, consumption, and billings.
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Certified Payroll, Job Reports & More

Certified Payroll, Job Reports & More

Never miss any detail to your earthwork construction projects with easy navigation to your project data such as payroll, job reports, etc.
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Complete integrated software for earthwork contractors built to serve the needs of your project team.

Added Productivity with Better Profits

Over the years, we have helped numerous contractors from different arenas of the construction industry to reduce overhead while driving profits.

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Improve Project Lifecycle

Get your project goals accomplished within the desired timeframe for superior resource management.

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Better Your Business Bottom Line

We promise you happy clients, with the finest accounting support and essential workflow advantage to have precise job costing and goal execution.

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I am an earthwork contractor. Since ProjectPro is a construction accounting software, can it help me with ERP needs?

Yes, it can give you the finest experience dealing with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) needs. From managing material resources to labor and equipment, ProjectPro keeps you updated with all information related to your excavation projects. With its accounting and project management capabilities, it can even help to keep a check on finances and project growth.

How can ProjectPro benefit my business?

ProjectPro allows you to take control of your projects with a better sense of decision making when it comes to finance and resources. It allows you to establish consistency with your job process and drive productivity while retaining profits. All in all, it will make running your earthwork contractor business much easier.

What makes ProjectPro different from other construction accounting and ERP software?

ProjectPro is a software which is designed to meet the unique needs of construction contractors, including specialty contractors. It is easy to use, offers massive storage with safe data keeping, and brings the finest of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities. It can manage tasks related to Accounting, CRM, ERP, and Project Management, all at the same time.

I want to explore ProjectPro for my earthwork contractor business. How do I get started?

ProjectPro can be a perfect fit for you if you are looking for software for earthwork contractors. Though we are confident that ProjectPro will bring you quick solution to all your project management and accounting needs, you have the opportunity to check ProjectPro against your business requirements. All you need to do is plan a free consultation call with our experts, where you can get a demo on the ProjectPro capabilities.


When you need to drive productivity with the management of your project teams, ProjectPro helps you with the best of accounting, ERP, CRM, and Project Management. Explore the capabilities to know how it can add value to your business.

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