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What Makes Us The Most Loved Construction Software?

ProjectPro is an advanced construction solution that is based on the rich legacy of Microsoft’s trustworthiness and advanced capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

For over 20 years, our experts have worked on ProjectPro to make it meet the varying needs of the industry. We can help you ensure optimized business flow and performance through customized implementations and automated procedures.

General Contractors

General Contractors

Accounting, project management, scheduling, estimating, and bidding capabilities, ProjectPro includes everything you need to complete any general contracting job from beginning to the end.

It allows you to simplify all the tasks that might bring stress to your general contracting business with its easy to understand yet smart interface. All in all, if you need to drive opportunities for your General Contracting business, ProjectPro is made for you.

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Commercial Contractors

Take your commercial construction to another level with ProjectPro, an integrated solution that brings you best of accounting, management, project management and service management systems.

Since commercial contractors often have to deal with the management risks, ProjectPro helps you with a user-friendly solution that helps you to have command on your projects for optimal business outcomes.

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Heavy Highway/Civil contractors

Heavy Highway/Civil contractors

At ProjectPro, we understand yourHeavy Highway or Civil Construction needs and therefore we bring you best of cloud integration features to keep you connected with your teams for faster decision making.

And if you are trying to give your best with your existing or upcoming road development project, ProjectPro can be the ultimate solution to prevent any revenue fade and ensure quality project tracking and much efficient construction.

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Electrical Contractors

No matter what your focus is, ProjectPro can help you with commercial, industrial, engineering, design, or any other type of electrical contracting projects for maximum efficiency and revenue.

When you are part of Electrical contractor business, project managers are often find struggling with the cost control, change orders, and all other subcontractor sort of stuff. If you need to get over all such stress, waste no time and switch to ProjectPro.

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Mechanical Contractors

Get over the routine issues like duplicate data entries and efforts to fix them with ProjectPro, a software that is made to simplify your construction projects while driving profitability.

Since Mechanical contracting projects involve lot of heavy work and material management, ProejctPro brings you the ease to manage your project for quality resource planning and scheduling of the activities.

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HVAC Contractors

ProjectPro is an all-rounder HVAC contractor software that brings you industry leading solutions related to HVAC construction project management while giving you command over essential operational aspects.

Either it is service management, or the inventory control you need, ProjectPro could help you experience top-notch management features simplifying the entire tasks of managing HVAC projects with advanced automation and streamlined workflow management.

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Earthwork Contractors

When you are an earthwork contractor, maintaining efficiency with profitability can be tough. Get into more confident business with ProjectPro, one tool necessary for accounting, scheduling, management & more.

Since earthwork contractors need to track their equipment for maximum serviceability, ProjectPro gives you the advantage to have a watch on your activities and create equipment check schedules to avoid any damages or delays.

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Paving Contractors

Our paving contractor software can help you experience real-time automation when it comes to advanced project management. From scheduling tasks to managing resources and budget, ProjectPro can be the ultimate help you need to run your business.

Moreover, when you are a paving contractor, it becomes necessary to keep your office and field data in syn to avoid any kind of errors that might affect the ultimate revenue. ProjectPro gives you the advantage to have a real-time check on your project data preventing any unnecessary revenue loss.

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commercial construction accounting software

Commercial Renovators

Commercial renovation can get tricky at times. Use ProjectPro, our cloud software made to help you with necessary business control in the construction environment. It has got all that you need to manage your business more effectively.

As commercial renovation projects need you to stick with a stricter action plan and schedule, ProjectPro gives you the advantage to take command on all your tasks either it is Project Management or advanced ERP needs.

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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Efficiently manage every aspect of your kitchen and bath remodeling business, without spending time on laborious manual operations.With ProjectPro, you can serve your customers better and build more profitable projects.

As kitchen and bath remodeling projects often involve a very thin profit margin depending on the level of remodeling needed, ProjectPro never lets you lose control of your projects that might damage your profit margin.

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Flooring Contractors

Flooring construction projects demands extreme check on quality and performance without losing any grip on revenue. From accounting, to management, to estimating, ProjectPro keeps you covered for precision and profits.

Since flooring contractor business is already very competitive, ProjectPro gives you the advantage to be precise with the estimates and meet all the goals of your project lifecycle with attention to detail on change order requests.

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Solid Surface Countertop Contractors

Take your solid surface countertop business to greater heights with our integrated construction accounting and project management technology on ProjectPro, a construction software designed to streamline operations and improve workflow.

As the common hassle that solid surface countertop contractors have to face is dealing with resources and material requirements, ProjectPro even works as a fully functional integrated Construction ERP software allowing you to take command on your projects.

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Remodeling Contractors

Are you a remodeling contractor who is stuck with routine progress checks and performance goals? Get ProjectPro, an integrated solution made to help you with automated real-time entries and ensure timely reporting for effective project management.

Since remodeling can be tricky business at times when you need to manage varying requirements of the project owners, ProjectPro allows you to take command of your ongoing and upcoming projects for maximum productivity.

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Utility Contractors

When you are a utility construction contractor, it becomes even more important to stand apart from the competition in order to sustain your business. Take the best of your services to your customer with ProjectPro, an integrated construction management software.

Because Utility contractors are significant part of any construction project, even when you are working for a general contractor or directly with a project owner, ProjectPro allows you to have complete business transparency at all stages of project lifecycle.

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Utility management software

Mining Contractors

Get access to ProjectPro, our fully integrated mining contractor software solution that allows you to manage every aspect of your construction projects while overcoming any complexities related to accounting, finance, project management, resource planning, and more.

Since Mining Contractors have to deal with extensive risks meeting the project requirements while keeping control over skilled labor resources, ProjectPro allows you to drive the scope of project and meet the project deliverables with 100 percent precision.

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At ProjectPro, We Understand Your Needs

And so, we have a solution for all your business and operational problems

construction industry accounting software


From job quotes to initial planning, budgeting, billing, finance management, and more

best construction project management software


Keep your project aligned by having a check on activities, change orders, &progress reports

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Manage your resources (material, labor, equipment, etc.) for maximum output

Customer Resource Management

Customer Resource Management

Keep your customers in sync for quicker invoice processing and business retention

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