All-In-One Construction Accounting Software

The right construction software can help simplify the gathering of information for your CPA firm

Find all the ways that revenue can be accounted for and reporting job profitability

ProjectPro brings you the power to manage all your finances with ease of reporting for your CPA Firm. It is error-free, accurate, and real-time.

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Collaborate Better As You Manage Field Services

More Profits, Higher Revenue

More Profits, Higher Revenue

With the ease to check your project data from the very beginning, ProjectPro allows you keep a check on all the essential accounting tasks. With zero error process and efficiently planned dashboard navigation, you can always plan for the profits looking at the finances involved into your business.

Productive Accounting

Productive Accounting

Though a complete construction management software, accounting is the USP on which ProjectPro was established. It was made to ensure all the daily expenses are tracked precisely, progress reports should be accurate, and anything that can affect the budget and revenue of the project should be measured at all the times for added productivity.

Efficient & Performance-Oriented

Efficient & Performance-Oriented

Made to deliver efficiency, ProjectPro allows you to work on all the finance related tasks for accounting firms either it is allocating of the resources or tracking the status of the finances associated to a project. At all the times, it gives you the authority to watch for any miscalculation or declining margins that might damage your business.

Accuracy Like Never Before

Accuracy Like Never Before

Since ProjectPro is based on advanced Power BI and Cloud capabilities, the entire task of certified public accounting becomes quick and smooth. The automated features of the software allow you to process finances for different job classes or any other transactional requirements that are to be made at accounting firms.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I work on tax planning with ProjectPro?

ProjectPro is a complete construction accounting solution that allows you to work on financial statement analysis, analyze transactions, and plan taxes with intelligent decision making.

How it can benefit CPA’s working for construction firms?

Since ProjectPro offers an integrated feature, CPA’s can enjoy best of accounting with easy data fetching through centralized data management system, saving time and adding accuracy.

Can I use the software to monitor transactions?

Yes, ProjectPro is designed to work on all accounting tasks which means you can easily monitor all your transactions.

How much time can I save with this software?

In our experience of 20 years, we have even seen customers having 70 percent more efficiency then their legacy systems using ProjectPro.