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Create Contract Lines

Define contract lines with quick contract value setup

ProjectPro enables users to create contract lines within job tasks for billing milestones or progress billing of the contract values.

Contract lines represent “Bid Items”, “Pay Items”, or “Schedule of Value” entries once a job or project is awarded to the user.

Contract Values can be set up as “%, Lump Sum, or Unit” Priced lines by Job Tasks or under “Contract” Task for all Scheduled Values.


Change Orders Simplified

Create automated change orders using data from master job card

ProjectPro enables users to create contract change orders for both positive and negative changes that occur between the contractor and the project owner.

The Change Order creation is automated to generate the next available change order for the job. When the Change Order is created the user will be prompted to use existing job information from the master job card.

The Contract Change Order lines which are also “Bid Items”, “Pay Items”, or “Schedule of Value” entries are available to add to Progress Billing for invoicing Change Orders that are approved.

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This case study will help you understand how ProjectPro helped the client streamline financial reporting, and enhance project management and operations monitoring by offering real-time project performance visibility.

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Got a Question?

Can I have Contract Lines with different billing methods?

Yes, if your overall contract is structured that some contract values will be based on “Percentage” and other contract lines are based on “Units” or “Lump Sum”. Once your contract is signed, you can set up as many contract lines as needed with billing methods as agreed.

Can I relate the Contract Lines to the Job Task Lines?

Yes, ProjectPro uses a link between any Job Task “Cost” planning lines to “Billable” contract planning lines so that you can analyze the profitability of specific Job Tasks across “Cost” and “Revenue” activities.

Can I track Subcontractor’s Insurance?

Yes, on the Subcontract card you can track all the insurance policies and their expiration dates. There is an alert on the user’s dashboard that will notify when a vendor’s insurance policy is within 30 days of expiring.

How does ProjectPro assign the next Change Order No.?

ProjectPro has a function to create Change Orders automatically while on the Master Job card. The first Change Order will start with the Job No. plus “.001”. Users can rename the Change Order if necessary or continue creating additional Change Orders consecutively numbered.

Would I be able to create a Change Request Document for the Owner from a Master Job?

Yes, with Business Central integration with “Word”. Users can import common Word documents used for contracts and contract change requests and then assign what fields from the Master Job should be auto-filled. Many different documents can be automatically populated with key fields from the Master Job to complete necessary documents for submission to job owners or general contractors.

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