Your construction success depends on the right partner for the job

Construction Success

The construction industry is in a flux and also witnessing digital transformation. To keep up with the demands of construction, it is important for construction professionals to digitize the operations. This allows them to keep pace with modern demands of business and achieve success even though the margins keep getting thin and meeting the rising costs is another challenge for contractors.

In the ongoing pandemic, the task of dealing with labor issues and complex projects has made contractors keen on technology uptake. So construction players that were once hesitant to embrace technology are increasingly looking for ways to go digital in the midst of unforeseen global events. 

Technological advances have now opened the door to convert huge amounts of project data into meaningful insights  to make sure that your business remains competitive, remains profitable and runs smoothly. Thus, contractors need reliable software that assists them in conducting their business by streamlining their operations.

Those operators who continue to rely on manual processes and disconnected software systems to handle different construction requirements like project management, job costing and field management will be at a considerable disadvantage. As reliance on multiple systems creates confusion it prevents contractors to make sense of the data and prevents them from growing their construction business.

In today’s day and age, construction data is your most valuable asset. If we look at it closely, data has evolved and so there are many construction solutions that can help you to organize, streamline and make it meaningful. ProjectPro with Business Central is one such partner that can help you bridge the current data disconnect.

How can a Construction Partner help you achieve success?

What truly holds construction business owners back are disconnected, inconsistent and unreliable systems and methods that cannot be shared with stakeholders in real time. Any software that requires customizations or even if you are still relying on old manual bookkeeping  methods will not let you capture data in real time. 

This results in unintended consequences such as inconsistent reports, it may be cumbersome to obtain data or values and inability to gain valuable insights from data. Thus, it is important to partner with the right software technology partner.

For construction owners to operate in an industry where margins are always tight, a right construction technology partner can help them streamline their business operations. ProjectPro with Business Central provides a full array of construction accounting, CRM, ERP and project management features and is the right partner for construction players.

To make important decisions, you must be able to run construction accounting reports, track labor through timesheets, get assistance on job costing and evaluate your projections to make better business decisions. 

Instead of basing decisions on instinct and reactive data, ProjectPro offers you robust accounting capabilities that helps you with streamlining your construction operations and results in revenue recognition.

So don’t be hesitant to partner with a solution that offers unique capabilities and become a data-driven contractor to embrace the next normal. Powered by Microsoft technologies, a data-driven vendor like ProjectPro with Business Central, it becomes easier for contractors to standardize and analyze data.

ProjectPro empowers you to become a data-driven contractor as the cloud-based integrated construction software connects office and the field. It will keep the data synchronized so that you can strengthen control over your projects.

Construction partnership can offer a whole world of information that you can use to manage jobs effectively. This information is easy to access when you need it. The resources waste less time on re-entering data or waiting for data from the job site.

To monitor project activity and performance, you need to generate timely and accurate reports such  cost-to-date, billings-to-date, total projected costs,  work in progress schedules while tracking inventory at the same time. 

From helping trades to keep up with the demand to growing your client base- we are committed to provide you with an improved range of construction solutions.

Consult with our construction experts on new ways to scale your business. Get ready to increase your revenue and profits by solving all your construction challenges quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what we offer our partners:

  • All-in-one construction accounting software with capabilities of construction accounting, project management, CRM, and ERP solutions.

  • Fully certified construction software by Business Central on Appsource and NAV.

  • Customized quotes for Vertical Solutions related to Project & Construction-based companies with Business Central.

  • Get ongoing support to handle all construction challenges quickly and efficiently.

Say Yes to ProjectPro with Business Central

By enrolling in our Partnership Program you can reduce overhead costs and maximize profits. With 20 years of construction proficiency, and an integrated suite of cloud-based construction software ProjectPro provides accurate, reliable and real-time data that significantly boosts productivity for firms.

Unleash the power of strong strategic partnerships powered by the latest Microsoft technologies and expand your business offerings. It can help you  identify and convert construction opportunities to increase profitability and revenue. By enrolling in the ProjectPro Partner Program designed for General contractors, Remodelers, Roofing contractors and Construction owners it can deliver efficiency and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Here are few Partner Benefits:

  • Increase your revenue

  • Grow your clientele

  • Discover new opportunities

  • Access to improved range of solutions

  • Get Marketing Support & Software Upgrades

Join the bandwagon and get access to the training & support to set your clients up to succeed. ProjectPro Partner Program offers the flexibility of our cloud-based software to win deals in an increasingly competitive landscape. Explore our partnership program and stay ahead in the construction industry.

At ProjectPro, our construction experts deeply understand your requirements for the business, and that's why we are here to work with you. Strengthen your operations and experience smooth workflows, you can now strengthen the industry and  take your construction business to another level today!

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