4 Technological Mistakes Roofing Contractors Should Avoid


It is rightly said that “One can learn from their mistakes and grow”. The same applies for the roofing contractors. No matter if you are a team of 10 or 100, your roofing company might have set some achievable goals for growth. The last thing that you need to focus on is yourself, because you are the foundation of your roofing business. 

So, what’s the difference between your team and those renovating ten houses per year? It could be less margin, fewer resources and technological errors.

But as a trusted roofing contractor, not only your profits are at risk but also your employee morale, credibility as well as your brand reputation. It is important that you avoid technological mistakes and ensure that you work toward meeting significant business goals.

Here are top 4 technological mistakes roofing contractors should avoid to stay ahead of your competitors:

1. Taking New Project without Strategic Technological Planning

High spirit. Determination. Hard work. It’s how you create your business from scratch.

As your roofing business evolves, the need for strategic technological planning is imperative. The more employees and clients you add, the more effective communication becomes crucial. You’ll have to struggle between schedules, checklists, documents, and everything.

Starting your roofing jobs without a plan will create issues and hamper your long-term goals. Now, no more dependency on hand-written and spreadsheets with ProjectPro.
So, if you haven’t adopted construction technology yet, it’s the right time. ProjectPro is the ideal construction accounting software that isn’t just for big roofers but also small and mid-sized roofers. Investing in this tool will help you manage your team’s everyday tasks while empowering you to scale your business.

2. Not Monitoring Apparent Project Risks

You’re the director of your roofing company. That means you can navigate as you see through the business. Nevertheless, overlooking or undervaluing apparent risks can lead to uncorrectable damage to getting the job done.

Make sure that you implement a culture of transparency within your team members and stakeholders. Show your member the bigger picture of roofing projects from the beginning. This will help them anticipate potential challenges. Also, execute the significance of communication to keep everyone on the same page for both on-site and office teams.
Permitting your team to be involved from beginning to end gives them a feel of project privilege, and they can help you evaluate possible hazards. And to be double sure you’re not bearing any unnecessary risk, so simply switch to ProjectPro.

3. Focusing More on Processes than Outcomes

Outcomes. They’re what every roofing business owner wants to see. While you are running toward deadlines and profits, it’s essential not to lose sight of how you’ll get there. Spend time and effort into the basic steps needed to attain your quality work.

Your roofing business procedures are what you should be worried about in the long run. Having a streamlined work processes and proper systems in place, will get you to your expected results, minimize risk, maximize resources, and break down every job smartly. Embrace the journey to bring the goal within reach.

4. Unable to Keep Track of Job

It’s not sufficient to get the ball rolling. You’ve contracted to track the movement of a roofing project from start to end. It would be best if you understood how it’s going every step. This is the only way to see potential problems that need to be managed or minor mistakes that could lead to substantial business mistakes.

Cautiously monitoring each task suggests you’ll have metrics and data to make the most suitable decisions for your forthcoming projects. It also allows you to ensure responsibility and check in on the struggles of your team members. So using ProjectPro is the best solution that can help your roofing business keep track of all the aspects smartly.

Bottom Line

It’s a blunder to think that you don’t need the same attention as a roofer just because your company is small.

Having proper tools in your belt can go a long way toward avoiding roofing mistakes. ProjectPro is the most promising software for your roofing business. It is an innovative platform that helps roofing contractors to manage complex business processes and stay consistent. 

Schedule a demo today to learn how our dynamic platform can help you achieve your goals.