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Always stay aligned to your budget and time estimates with mining contractors software

Take your Mining business to the next level of success with our construction project management technology.

Mining Contractors

With ProjectPro, We Never Let You Miss Your Revenue Goals


No Process Gaps

From vendor data to field information, always stay informed of activities and costs to avoid unwanted stress.
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Make The Most Out Of Your Time

Ensure a smooth flow of resources with our advanced and comprehensive software for Mining contractors that keeps all your projects in sync.
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Manage Your Resource & Assets

Mining contracts in construction are centered around experienced and quality labor. We never let you lose sight of your material resources and labor assets.
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Say goodbye to errors and inefficiency with improved accuracy on project resource data and labor consumption.

Take Insights To Project Data

Use the power of Dynamics 365 Business Central on ProjectPro to process your data into useful information with a clear calculation of profit and loss.

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Always Have A Watch Over Project Status

Give complete access to view activities, resources, and time data to your project managers and clients for timely completion of scheduled goals.

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Accelerate Your Revenue

Make the most of your qualified resources on our software for mining contractors to take your project forward and increase client retention.

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What makes switching to ProjectPro a good idea for mining contractors?

ProjectPro is a perfect companion for those who are looking for a software solution for specialty contractors. ProjectPro is a fully integrated solution that provides essential project management and development features. It can be used to meet your accounting goals while keeping a check on resources and customer relationships.

On which platform ProjectPro is based? Can I use this software for ERP needs in my mining business?

ProjectPro is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central which is a Microsoft Business solution. Yes, ProjectPro is a perfect solution for your ERP needs if you are into mining contractor business. From managing your labor resources to equipment, it allows you to get complete control.

What features can ProjectPro offer to mining contractors when it comes to project management?

ProjectPro is a professional software for mining contractors. It gives you all the essential support you need to manage your jobs and projects. The project management module can be used to plan tasks and ensure timely execution, create and utilize job task codes for improved visibility and job management, define job cost categories for better financial tracking, utilize numerous reports for activity and resource tracking, and more.

I need software for mining contractors that can help me meet my revenue goals. Why should I choose ProjectPro?

ProjectPro is a construction accounting software that gives you additional benefits and features to improve the overall course of project development. It can help manage tasks related to finances, accounting process, payroll management, billings, calculation of wage hours for payrolls, invoicing, expense management, and more.


With the potential of Dynamics 365 Business Central, ProjectPro enables you to drive productivity for all kinds of construction-related mining projects.

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