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Never Lose Control Of Your Projects

Benefit from a construction accounting and project management software that helps you manage multiple projects

ProjectPro is designed to automate your tasks related to project management giving you access to all the real-time data of the projects from initial budgeting through project forecasting and revenue recognition.

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Keep Your Team United and Productive with ProjectPro

Manage Your Schedule & Budget

ProjectPro allows you to stick with your projects giving you a unified view of all the metrics that are important to you. From rework to anything that needs to be worked on priority to ensure schedule and budget are not compromised, ProjectPro allows you to keep a watch on all the tasks for all your projects.

Collaborate With Ease

Either you are working at office and have some immediate tasks to look at site or you are working at site and your team needs your immediate attention to some documents, ProjectPro allows you to collaborate with ease using your mobile device. Either it is some logs that are required to be filled or some recent documents, you can access everything on your fingertips.

Track Financial Strength Of your Projects

Being a project manager needs you to be hyper-active at your job bringing attention to detail on every task you are involved into. Since finances is the most important factor associated with a construction project, ProjectPro allows you to have real-time insights of your projects with all the data centralized and all the stakeholders always connected.

Professional Project Management

Whether you need to keep track of project finances, safety, activities, project performance, or managing tasks related to tenders and invoicing. ProjectPro gives you complete control to manage all your tasks. It keeps you updated on all the essential activities and tasks that need your immediate attention making it your most dependable tool.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do ProjectPro benefits Project Managers?

Project Managers can keep track of all the ongoing activities at site and office to ensure maximum performance and productivity without losing control on budget

Can I work on progress reporting using ProjectPro?

Yes, you can use ProjectPro to process progress reports allowing you to keep a check on all the metrics related to project.

How this software is beneficial for project managers?

With cloud, ProjectPro does not need project managers to always be available at the site in order to inspect any financial data or approve any purchase orders, etc.

Why makes ProjectPro better than other software?

ProjectPro is designed using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with intelligent features like Cloud, Power BI, and Office 365. The technology is advanced and effective for modern construction, yet it holds the simplicity and offers a great ease of use.