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Manage Work Orders & Service Requests With Increased Productivity

Switch to a construction accounting and project management technology designed for service managers. Experience a new way to manage service tickets or job work orders for field and service operations.

ProjectPro with its extensive ERP and Project Management capabilities could help service managers to take maximum control of the field leaving no stress of app failures or workflow obstruction.

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Collaborate Better As You Manage Field Services

Manage Contracts & More

Manage Contracts & More

When you are a service manager, it needs you to get through so many field operations and productivity challenges. ProjectPro allows you to save time with the contracts and other tendering task that needs information distribution and tracking. This means you have more time to plan your operations and ensure maximum productivity with projects.

Improved Field Control

Improved Field Control

The work site is the place where all your documented data and planning comes together. However, it is also the place where all the things may collapse and fall apart. ProjectPro allows you to have a highly refined field service management experience even when you are performing multiple tasks at the same time. It offers real-time insights to activities keeping your project status aligned with the schedule.

Better Project Financials

Better Project Financials

At ProjectPro, we understand how difficult it is for service managers to keep track of all the site operations to control unwanted overhead or expenses at any stage. ProjectPro allows you to accurately monitor field and office tasks to ensure accurate budget data is available to you at all the time while allowing you to enjoy planned closeout.

Active Rework Stopping

Active Rework Stopping

When you have a dedicated construction project management software in place that keeps all the activities synced for optimum performance, the chances of rework reduce automatically. ProjectPro enables you and your teams to work best the first time while allowing most up-to-date flow of information.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do ProjectPro benefits Service Managers?

Service Managers can control all their field service-related tasksto ensure maximum productivity and zero error leading to budget construction.

Can I access ProjectPro on my mobile device?

Yes, you can use ProjectPro on your mobile device whenever you need to check on any updates, design data, purchases approvals, etc.

How this software can help me coordinate with teams?

With cloud,ProjectPro allows you to enjoy real-time updates on the projects which means any progress made on sight by teams could be easily exchanged with field supervisors, service managers, project managers, or any other stakeholder.

Why do I need to choose ProjectPro as a service manager?

Since service managers are designated to ensure smooth workflow across the field, ProjectPro allows you to enjoy a hassle-free field function.