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Stay on top of your project revenue for a more accurate profit reporting

The ultimate objective for any CFO is to ensure financial visibility in business with improved profit margins and enhanced monetary control- for any CFO

ProjectPro brings you tools that improve managing financial resources, save expenses, and ensures accurate reporting of project earnings and profitability.

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Higher Revenue and More Profit

Higher Revenue and More Profit

ProjectPro allows you to keep a check on all your project data from the very beginning of the project lifecycle until the job is completed. Since CFO accounting needs you to work on multiple projects for keeping a check on finances, it allows you to master all the operations to avoid any unwanted loss of funds or skipping any details that might bother the overall budget. It introduces you to the most convenient and satisfying way of working on accounts and finances.

Productivity At Display

Productivity At Display

ProjectPro has an easy to explore dashboard which comes with an interactive display. Either you need to track daily expenses, check progress reports, work on progress billings, or anything related to project activities, you can have a single click visit to all the data that you need to access. Also, the color options on display make it super easy for you to keep track of necessary financial transactions.

Efficiency? We Know It Best

Efficiency? We Know It Best

ProjectPro was crafted to deliver efficiency. Either it is the task of scheduling after working on bid proposals or you need to keep the project moving forward. From client details to project-related information, labor performance, activity progress, or anything that can affect your finances, ProjectPro gives you the ease to keep things under control allowing no chance of miscalculation or declining margins.

Unmatched Performance & Accuracy

Unmatched Performance & Accuracy

Based on Power BI and Cloud, ProjectPro allows Chief Accounting Officers to experience unmatched performance and accuracy with the cash flow management. With an extensive list of automated features, ProjectPro allows you to work through different job classes, work on their classification, compare similar projects, accommodate change orders, and ensure deliveries that are closest to the budget and defined profit margins.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do CFO’s can access and analyze financial data?

You can simply explore the dashboards to check any financial information related to resources, labor costs, etc.

How helpful is the reporting feature when need to check financial performance?

ProjectPro is accurate to maximum precision allowing you have real-time check on finances.

Can I use the software to prepare budget and monitor costs?

Yes, ProjectPro is designed to work on estimates, work on budgets, and keep check on every penny you spend on project.

How much time can I save with this software?

In our experience of 20 years, we have even seen customers having 70 percent more efficiency then their legacy systems using ProjectPro.