7 Life-changing Benefits of ProjectPro for Electrical Contractors


As you already know that electrical construction is the most profitable service industry. In the present scenario, the electrical project manager plays a critical role on and off the job site for any construction project.

So being a project manager, supervising and smartly planning, scheduling, and organizing subcontractors--should be on the top of your to-do list. Moreover, while efficiently using materials, time, equipment, and budget, you stay ahead of all other tasks. One of the most excellent tools an electrical project manager can have in their tool kit is innovative software like ProjectPro. 

ProjectPro is an electrical-specific platform that can help electrical contractors handle and optimize all activities accomplished by electricians. Electrical contractors and all other industries can also leverage the time- and cost-saving benefits of ProjectPro to assign and dispatch materials to track their performance.

ProjectPro can save electrical contractors time and money while boosting their overall productivity and efficiency. Let’s dive into the seven essential advantages of using this cloud-based platform.

1. Smartly Schedule Tasks for your Team

Electrical contractors usually believe in the fact that time is money. And so, working efficiently and using tools productively to maximize their profit has become integral. Using a platform like ProjectPro helps you schedule job tasks smartly. It ensures a seamless operation daily. It also gives you the power to intervene the right amount of time to manage your work efficiently. 

This is how you can save money from the start to the end of a construction project. A robust software platform with extensive job scheduling capability will utilize the Gantt chart in planning and scheduling a project. The Gantt chart takes your tasks on hand and manages them on a timeline. This way, you can see the complete project timeline organized logically. It authorizes you to: 

  • Break the process down into different tasks.

  • Describe a method for performing each task.

  • Keep track of the cost and time to complete the task.

  • Distills the method until the most suitable cost/time ratio is achieved for each job.

The process can be complicated if you are not using suitable software. This is why ProjectPro has its own exceptional functionality.

2. Establish a Better Communication with Field Team

Having proper communication is the core for success in an electrical contractor business. According to researchers, well-connected employees perform better than those who face communication issues. Clear and effective communication between the back-office and field team is crucial so that your tasks stay on track even when things don’t go as scheduled.

ProjectPro is the best construction accounting software that allows your field technicians to access change orders, job files, and client requests in real-time from any job site. This allows your team to stay informed and up-to-date on job details and relevant changes.

3. Make sure Electricians Accomplish Each Job Efficiently

Having software that integrates all the aspects of your work order management system is indispensable for today’s electrical companies. As manual work orders have been outdated, everyone in your electrical business can create, monitor, finish, and analyze work orders in real-time, whether at the job site or in the office. 

Electricians no longer have to go back to the office with ProjectPro to hand in manual work orders. It also does not make sense to call or email electricians with facts for new or existing calls when they reach or leave the job site.

4. Boost the Accessibility of Crucial Data

Nothing could be more irritating than an electrician who’s late, it’s the one who has no idea what the job is about. Your electricians should reach on-site, learning what they are there to do and how to do it. ProjectPro makes it feasible by creating one access point to information – from complicated sheets to equipment records.

Having complete work order information in hand gives them sufficient knowledge. It delegates them to make appropriate suggestions to your clients as opportunities emerge, for instance, presenting replacements or delivering service maintenance. When delivered correctly, suggestions can enhance customer satisfaction and dedication.

5. Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Seamless communication and uncomplicated data access improve customer service and ensure satisfaction. When customers stay notified about the length of the outage or the time needed to resolve the problem, they are more likely to satisfy your customers. A happy customer suggests more profits to your business, decreases your marketing cost and expands your reach.

A simple method to make a good relationship with customers is via follow-up communications. Calling your customers or sending an email after a service or when a project is completed is crucial. These types of follow-up communication indicate that you care about your customers and doing a good job.

6. Take Charge of your Inventory

Electrical contractors use a myriad of materials, parts, and tools. It has been estimated that inventory defines almost half of the total project cost. Accessing the right parts and materials at a suitable time is essential to maintaining projects on schedule and sidestepping the waste of labor hours and money. This is because managing materials inventory is vital for improved project profitability. 

How will inventory software can help electrical contractors with their daily operations? When contractors keep track of parts and materials, they can utilize inventory more effectively. The purpose is to maintain inventory levels and inventory usage in proportion. 

With the suitable accounting software integrated into inventory management, the contractors can get rid of stock-outs and back-orders and overstocks on hand anywhere the latest job takes them.

7. Improve Overall Productivity and Work Efficiency

Efficiency is the best mantra for electrical contractors. According to recently released reports, labor-productivity increase in construction has grown by a tiny 1% per year over the past two decades. There’s always room for improvement.

ProjectPro helps enhance productivity and improve efficiency by: 

  • Establishing communication of job details and change orders, relieving time-costly blunders.

  • Accessing real-time data provides field electricians with all the data they need to finish a job fast.

  • Integrating various modules allows both the electrician and the dispatcher to utilize the valuable time for satisfying job orders instead of hopping from one application to another for information.

  • Intelligent scheduling lets route optimization and automatically assign work to electricians depending on their knowledge, experience, estimated location, and availability.

Ler ProjectPro Take your Electrical Business to Greater Heights!

Having a centralized data platform like ProjectPro helps eliminate repeated entries and blunders because it makes data flow easily from one platform to another. With integrated cloud-based software, all of the documents you need can be stored in one location. 

Moreover, you can seamlessly search through daily reports, submittals, billing receipts, purchase orders, and other documents smartly. For more information, schedule a demo now.