8 Construction Management Software Features of ProjectPro That Will Make Your Firm Profitable

construction management features

Construction industry is now more keen on technology uptake. For the construction stakeholders, technology ensures up-to-date efficiency, improved communication and degree of desired transparency.This is why investing in a construction management software is a smart choice for construction professionals.

The automation tool streamlines the construction management operations and carries out various tasks related to project delivery in the construction industry. To cope with chaotic construction data, different contractors need to deal with a number of complex processes. 

Let us explore some of the best construction management features that enable construction professionals to deal with every day operations:

  • Improved Decision-making

Construction managers can make quick decisions based on data collected and analyzed by construction-specific software and that can streamline operations.

  • Help with Scheduling

Construction project management software features include scheduling of tasks right from planning, resource equipment and allocation, and job forecasting.

  • Assistance with Budget Planning

Right from calculating costs to financial risk analysis, a good construction software will assist you with budgetary allocations and smoothen the process.

  • Effective Communication

Existence of a unified platform that tracks project progress and all conversation related to construction projects takes place easily and all stakeholders are informed.

This is why experts recommend opting for purpose built software and investing in an automation tool that can help contractors to deal with construction-specific challenges. Those in the construction industry need to replace outdated legacy systems and choose ProjectPro with Business Central that has amazing construction management software features that will make your business profitable and enhance productivity.

8 Best Construction Management Software Features of ProjectPro

ProjectPro powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great construction accounting, ERP, CRM and project management software. Let us look at the functional areas, features and how it can help contractors to streamline their construction operations.

1. Construction Accounting & Budgeting

Get better insights into the overall project costs and you can rely on ProjectPro with Business Central to put your accounting process in order. This way you can stay on track with the budget as you strengthen control over your organization's projects.

2. Risk Management and Security

ProjectPro powered by the latest technologies of Microsoft is a cloud-based construction software that has robust construction accounting capabilities.  It ensures accuracy of data and in-built safety.  To make sure your business is on the right track and there is no profit-leak, ProjectPro can help you save resources and time by streamlining operations. The automated tool will help you stay compliant with industry regulations and can even work on tasks related to  WH-347 Reporting, AIA Billings.

3. Resource requirement & Allocation

You can track actual materials and resources necessary for jobs and the software will pave the way for smarter inventory management. With the help of job material planning capabilities in-built in ProjectPro, contractors can track resources needed for the job. It provides the necessary automation, upgrades and automation necessary for the smooth functioning of the system.

4. Enhanced Scheduling and Document tracking

With integrated data you can have a strategy in place and eliminate the need for duplicate data inputs. This way ProjectPro enables users to implement digital solutions to unite resource allocation, planning and forecasting on a centralized system. It also lets you track and get email alerts related to ASI, RFI, Submittals, Notices, Issues,Field Orders, Pending Change Orders and RFQ.

5. Job Purchasing and Procurement

ProjectPro empowers you to track inventory, assists with material planning and manage purchases and also retention accounting.  It also helps in creating purchase orders as well.

6. Helps you with Progress Billings

ProjectPro helps you manage bills, track expenses, create billings so that you can immediately process, and react to essential project-related construction data. This ensures accurate decision-making that results in improved profits.

7. Subcontractor Management 

ProjectPro helps in managing subcontractors, monitor work performed, assist with change orders, retention values, lien release waivers, and certificates of insurance. It helps in finishing jobs quickly with improved administration. There is a greater level of collaboration as it ensures the project is delivered on time.

8.Certified Payroll Reports 

ProjectPro can process certified payroll reports and even work on tasks related to  WH-347 Reporting, AIA Billings. It ensures error-free entries and enables you to stay compliant with labor wages and payment data.

 Why should you choose ProjectPro with Business Central for improved profits?

Construction is a risky business with a lot of moving parts. With ProjectPro, you have automated capabilities that result in cost control. This allows you to expand your construction horizons and invest in other projects as it leads to improved efficiencies and greater productivity.

Also, our software helps you identify and eliminate risks even before they appear and contractors have a predictable workflow. ProjectPro with 20 years of construction proficiency is designed to facilitate your working process. 

ProjectPro with Business Central is a software that has tabs on everything that can affect your finances. Be it tracking labor hours, cash flow management, and total wage hours. Whether it is carrying out financial statement analysis, analyzing transactions, or planning taxes, it truly  focuses on meeting the needs of clients.

Other than that, you will have timely and accurate information related to crucial job quoting, project accounting and resource management at your fingertips.  By keeping the information flowing to you whenever you need it, you can prevent profit leaks before it happens. As a cloud-based software you can stay on top of your accounting data from anywhere and enjoy the security backed by the cloud.

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