3 Effective Tips for Improving Subcontractors’ Project Quality

3 Effective Tips for Improving Subcontractors’ Project Quality

Every subcontractors aim is to achieve success by delivering high-quality construction projects within the scheduled time and budget. Especially if you are hired for a specific project or skill set. In this case, the project is riddled with poor quality control and safety issues. This cost subcontractors their reputation, causing losses and poor visibility in the market.

Do you remember, in 2017, the Grenfell Tower fire that took place in the UK? It actually uncovered substandard building materials used for construction that failed to prevent fire. That’s the reason quality control has become the need of the hour for subcontractors across the globe.

According to several reports, subcontractors are facing issues with fire prevention measures and poor workmanship. Here’s a detailed blog that will share some effective tips for subcontractors to improve project quality.

How can Technology Help Subcontractors in Quality Assurance?

When there are poor insights into construction projects, contractors and specialist subcontractors face challenges every day– primarily if you are still depending on manual processes like paper and pen or complex spreadsheets to collect, manage, and review data from various sites.

But thanks to technology. Contractors can not only access data at their fingertips but also improve project quality and productivity, streamline workflows, save on overhead costs, and strengthen the bottom line.

A recent message by Frost & Sullivan stated that global spending on construction could reach $17.5 trillion by 2030, leading to extensive adoption of construction technologies. Some of the technological advancements include Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones, cloud software, and pre-fab construction. When leveraged correctly, all these tools can reduce costs and enhance the quality and speed of construction.

BIM technology is also dominating the market positively by taking control of processes and providing more collaborative design and construction processes through digitization and 3D structures. Presently, you will see hundreds of contractors using BIM for their construction projects.

3 Top Tips for Quality Control

ProjectPro is a unique platform that enables real-time access to and collection of construction data from contracts on the field as well as in the office.

To acquire more significant quality control on construction projects, professional subcontractors should take into account these three tips:

1. Deploy a robust software solution

ProjectPro is a collaborative software solution that leverages Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for delivering real-time information between the field and the office. This enables contractors to maintain excellent project transparency and mitigate risks.

Contractors can witness work progress and problems as they occur to eliminate any potential issues. However, with digitization, you get automated workflows that once relied on manual processes, saving valuable time and reducing costs.

2. Gain complete visibility

It is high time that you utilized modern technologies and software to enhance the quality of reporting and project management. This is because you get real-time information and tracking of data and workflows.

Simply, digitize your paper forms and various paperwork online to ensure crucial records are available whenever you need them. This empowers contractors to gain clear visibility into projects and improves quality control oversight.

3. Be liable for all the aspects

Leverage technology to improve the levels of detail and clarity on projects. It is important that you take relevant photos or record evidence of the elements that caused project delays, ensuring a clear bet.

Mention the weather conditions and the delays they caused. Maintain entries of incomplete assignments and shortcomings before your stakeholder overviews the project. Use real-time tools to determine areas where quality can be improved.

A Real-World Software Solution Made for Contractors

ProjectPro is a platform designed for construction contractors, offering extensive solutions and automating redundant tasks. The most crucial aspect is that the construction industry is in an ideal position, and our solutions can integrate and process data in the cloud without any hassle. It allows you to achieve measurable business insights.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central backs all-in-one construction accounting software like ProjectPro, a dedicated cloud-based system with excellent accounting, reporting, and analytical solutions.

Besides, it truly assists you in handling financial risk analysis and can streamline your business. With remarkable project management features, it is an integrated software solution that can help you scale your business and earn better returns.

In a nutshell, if you haven’t shifted to the cloud, now is the time to consider taking advantage of the most established software system like ProjectPro. Overall, the cloud computing trend is here, and to stay competitive, make sure you have tools available that will help you add efficiency to your operations.

To find out how an integrated cloud-based software like ProjectPro with Business Central can add value to your business, schedule a demo.