All-In-One Construction Accounting Software

Construction Software For Owners/Executives

Stay on Top of Current Projects while Cultivating New Business Opportunities

The ultimate objective behind using a construction software for owners/executives is to gain command on current projects and drive business opportunities.

ProjectPro brings you industry-leading Dynamics 365 Business Central technology that automates all your processes and needs giving you all the time you need to cultivate more projects

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Executives and Owners

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All-in-one Construction Software

All-in-one Construction Software

When investing in a construction software – why select a tech that can’t handle all your operations at field office or the construction site. ProjectPro allows you to keep a watch over all your processes from estimates to billings, payroll, change orders, project management, and everything you need for your ongoing projects.

Manage your business cashflow

Manage your business cashflow

ProjectPro is designed to meet all your needs. Since payments are crucial to running any businesses for, the software allows you to select bills and invoices. Since all the project data is centralized and every activity progress can be tracked from the software itself, your clients could simply navigate to check the correctness of invoices and make faster payments than your regular accounting process.

Project Management Cannot Get Easier

Project Management Cannot Get Easier

Either it is routine activities, the labor hours, total wage hours, resources, or anything related to project management. ProjectPro allows you to navigate through dashboard views to – where you can see all the information about a project- to track the progress of your projects. Moreover, you can experience a simplified and more precise way to track the project progress in order to watch over anything that affects your finances.

Match the Needs of Your Customers

Match the Needs of Your Customers

Construction businesses must collaborate with project owners in an efficient manner as much possible. ProjectPro allows you to meet those needs with ease. Job forecasting, and handling change order- lets you look up on the past projects with similar activities involved to plan better and ensure a productive delivery can be made without sacrificing profits.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do ProjectPro benefits Owners/Executives?

Owners/Executives could keep track of all the projects they have allowing control on performance and productivity.

What type of reporting features are available on ProjectPro?

You can use ProjectPro to process financial reports or progress reporting. However, you can keep watch on all project related metrics using the dashboard

How this software is beneficial for my project managers?

With cloud, ProjectPro does not need project managers to always be available at the site in order to inspect any financial data or approve any purchase orders, etc. You can set the authorized contacts for project managers who need to check on multiple projects.

Why should I choose ProjectPro?

What can be more efficient than a construction software that can help you work on accounting, ERP, CRM, and Project Management, all at once. It is fast, reliable, and efficient.