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Let ProjectPro Help you Measure your Job’s Productivity and Field Performance

Account Made Simple

Account Made Simple!

Are you having trouble managing your paving project costs and unit production rates? Get a head of your job tasks with ProjectPro to meet all of your project requirements.
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Time Management At Its Best

Time Management At Its Best

Benefit from time management through ProjectPro Crew Timesheets to track and account for employees, equipment and even subcontractors. ProjectPro can help you deliver your projects on time and within your budget.
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Industry-leading ERP Support

Industry-leading ERP Support

ProjectPro goes beyond standard construction software with advanced job purchasing, inventory management, certified payroll tracking, and powerful financial accounting features. Your entire paving business can be managed within one single database in the cloud more efficiently.
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Paving contractors can benefit from software that eliminates mistakes from duplicate entries between applications. This keeps the job site in sync with operations, accounting and finance.

Keep Track Of Project Progress

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, ProjectPro helps you track all current and upcoming project activities.

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From Quotes To Completions

We help you meet all of your project demands from the initial quotes through your job's final closeout

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Grow Your Paving Business

Your business can grow and manage more projects with the same resources. Let us make it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

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How could ProjectPro help add more productivity to my business?

ProjectPro is a construction accounting software that brings so many features and benefits to paving contractors. It can produce job unit cost and production rates, resource planning, material purchasing, progress and unitary contract billings, and so much more.

Can ProjectPro allow me to share the reports and data with clients and office teams?

Yes, ProjectPro allows contractors to share project related reports and data with project managers, site teams, office teams, and clients. Since ProjectPro is based on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, you can always choose the people who have access to the software data. All you need to do is choose the plan you need to adopt as per your staff and business requirements.

Where is the software hosted? How do you manage licensing? Do I need to take care of licenses on my own?

ProjectPro is SaaS based solution which can be implemented to meet your business requirements. As far as licensing goes, our expert team handles the set up. Team ProjectPro helps you with your integrations, updates, training, and anything else that concerns your implementation.

I am worried about my data from previous accounting software. How ProjectPro can help me with it?

With ProjectPro, we have the team of finest developers who not only integrate the solution to fit your business requirements but also aim for productivity. During the implementation process, we make sure to get your data migrated to the server before we begin with ProjectPro integrations and functionalities. To get to know the implementation process in detail, contact us today!


Our construction accounting and project management software helps you drive productivity through optimum performance. It helps you attain defined performance indicators taking Paving contractors towards prosperity.

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