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Manage Material Resources along with Auto Suggestions on Items Required​

ProjectPro provides Job Material Planning capabilities that enable user to track actual materials and resources necessary for jobs. Now users can manage what specific items are needed on the job by “Required Dates.”
The Job Material Planning can be run based on an individual job or across multiple jobs all active at the same time. Inventory may also be consumed against jobs for items maintained in your warehouse. Job purchasing may include retention accounting. Purchasing of entry types of not only G/L Accounts and Items but also Resources. The Job Material Planning processes will automatically suggest items to be purchased and will create the Purchase Orders as well.

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Product Update

Got a Question?

Can ProjectPro automatically create job purchase orders?

Yes, you can create purchase orders automatically through Requisition Worksheet by selecting the job. The Req. Worksheet will suggest vendors based on item cards and will create and issue the purchase orders.

Can I purchase Resources through a purchase order?

Yes, ProjectPro has added the ability to purchase resources typically used for equipment rentals or subcontractors through purchase orders.

How can my team at the job-site see the status of materials to be ordered or already received?

Your field team can access the Job Material Planning Worksheet from the job site and see what materials have been ordered, received, invoiced from vendor, staging for delivery, or already delivered to the job site.

How can I tell what materials and other items have been delivered to the job site?

You can use the Job Material Worksheet to show what items have been purchased for the job, items received, items staged for delivery and what has been delivered to the job site from both vendors and out of inventory stock.

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