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A better way to manage sub-contractors, procedures and resources

Commercial Contractor

Are you Facing Challenges while trying to Achieve Optimal Business Performance?

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Poor Cost Management

Not able to easily keep track of active job POs, Remaining Material Requirements, and Subcontract Work Activities. This can add to the overall project costs.
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No Easy Software Upgrade

Nothing like being stuck on old software that cannot be upgraded or has fallen behind the latest technology for contractors.
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No Resource Planning

Your project scheduling stands alone, with no connection to your employees and resources. This makes planning and schedule most difficult.
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Help your Commercial Construction Business Succeed

When you need to make the best use of available material resources, labor, and finances, ProjectPro can prove to be your true management companion.

Say No To Labor Shortage

With our integrated software for commercial contractors, you can easily streamline your labor management needs bringing full visibility to the job process.

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Lead Projects With More Confidence

ProjectPro has a better approach for improving estimates all the way through to job closeouts.

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Take Command On Your Projects

Access all project-related data and documents along with insights to improve business decisions that can improve customer relationships.

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How can ProjectPro add to the revenue for commercial contractors?

With over two decades of industry experience, ProjectPro brings the best of construction management capabilities. For commercial contractors, it can help to drive the scope of the project by preparing bid proposals, job quotes, resource management, payrolls, and every other essential management operation. This helps to cut the time and improve the overall expenses that you make on the project. Also, ProjectPro helps you to strengthen your project pipeline by improving control over multiple projects and retaining your client base.

What type of billing options are supported by ProjectPro?

ProjectPro lets you manage bills for all kinds of lump sum and unit consumption contracts. It offers support on AIA billings which is the standardized method of billings. You can also use ProjectPro for rapid billing, create price for labor and equipment, define cost codes, and even allow the transfer of posted labor costs to a work order or job sales invoices.

Does ProjectPro offer support on bids and job processing?

Yes, ProjectPro can be used to create bid proposals, driving the maximum possibility of the sales. It even allows you to create job quotes and convert them into jobs. Also, it can be used to process job quotes and build assemblies of items, labor, equipment, and drive the scope of work.

What capabilities are offered by ProjectPro that can help my commercial construction business?

If you are looking for professional software for commercial contractors, ProjectPro is made for you. Some of the essential capabilities of ProjectPro that can benefit commercial construction include job quoting and proposals, job purchasing, and procurement, job material planning, subcontract management project management, project billing, payroll reporting, change order management, and more.


At ProjectPro, we always aim to bring you the paramount when it comes to driving solutions that work the best for you. With an experience of over two decades, we are familiar with everything that you need to meet your productivity goals within the competitive environment.

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