4 Reasons Why you Should Use ProjectPro for Cost Estimation

Top 4 reasons to use ProjectPro for Cost Estimation

What does cost estimation mean for the construction business? The purpose of cost estimation is to compile a thorough list of materials you will need for each task. Investing time in this project phase will add hours to your day and lower the chances of errors. The best way to ensure accuracy from the beginning of a project is to use construction cost estimation software. That is where ProjectPro can help you.

A well-structured platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central helps you with project cost analysis from different vendors. This makes things relatively seamless for clients as well as contractors.

Top 4 reasons to use ProjectPro for Cost Estimation

What is construction cost estimation software?

Construction cost estimating software is a platform developed for contractors like you to estimate project costs. It's a critical component of any construction project because it provides you and your client with an outline of the total cost for materials and labor.

Regardless of the size and scope of the project, this software can help you estimate from relatively easy to highly complex projects. Using ProjectPro will not only help them from losing money but also prevent contractors from overpaying. It is one of the best cost estimation platforms to begin your construction project, and here are four reasons.

1. Enhance accuracy with digital method

When material costs are high, the range for blunders is small. It's crucial to ensure the benchmarks for your construction projects are as detailed and accurate as possible. This is where ProjectPro works as a key to rigorously achieving success in estimating and bidding.

Give a thought; there could be instances when you were busy calculating project costs and sudden phone calls interrupted you. It might take a long time to get back to your calculations and start everything repeatedly.

With ProjectPro, you can estimate directly from the blueprints of the project. You can get back to the track in a few minutes on the platform, ensuring that your estimates are organized and accurate.

2. Fewer errors mean more time and money

When there is estimation accuracy, you will ultimately save time and money. Manual tasks that would have consumed time can now be accomplished in a few minutes. Moreover, you can get rid of repetitive tasks quickly.

Now manually counting each object like windows, doors, and fixtures is now a thing of the past.

You can also save time during plan assessments. Rather than tracking differences between modified blueprints, you can use a digital overlay feature emphasizing the changes. With paper blueprints, it's obvious to overlook the little details that may have moved, but with digital graphics, you'll notice mistakes before they occur. You'll save time and money with added efficiency and rarer errors.

3. Better communication leads to improved efficiency

Unfortunately, paper blueprints leave a margin for error and this could be because of outdated methodologies as well as lack of communication.

Printing project plans is an expensive deal. And while underestimating the number 

the copies you need may benefit you in the short term, it may cost you more in the long run. You don't have to stress reprinting the latest version by digitizing your blueprints with ProjectPro. Your team will easily access real-time updates, so everyone's on the same page.

Revising your project plans with cloud-based software will improve your team's efficiency and save you cash. You can minimize the cost of a physical document, and there will be fewer chances of mistakes due to miscommunication.

4. Gain an edge over competitors

The construction industry is highly competitive. The more you strive hard to stand out, the better. Adapting to the cost estimating software, you get an edge over competitors who are still manually handling the process. 

Creating cost estimates quickly will allow you more time to examine and present proposals ahead of schedule.

With ProjectPro, you can overpower the competition and be secure knowing you're suggesting to your clients the most accurate costs for their projects.

Let the ProjectPro construction accounting platform improve your digital process

Once a digital estimate is created with ProjectPro, you can easily add the information to the system. Adding your material costs to our construction platform will enable you to manage your cost codes and budget seamlessly. Request online payments, update your clients on changes, and get jobs done on time.
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