CTF Confex 2023: ProjectPro Unveils the Future of Construction

Construction Technology Confex KSA 2023 at a glance

Have you ever wondered how the construction industry keeps up with all the new technology? Well, ProjectPro is the answer to all your technology needs in the construction industry. ProjectPro was a proud sponsor of the renowned Construction Technology Confex (CTF Confex) 2023 held at KSA to discuss the future of the construction industry.

CTF Confex 2023 At A Glance

This mega event was attended by 600+ Construction Industry Professionals and 50+ Sponsors & exhibitors including policymakers, construction industry bigwigs, ConTech companies, and consultants.

This two-day event promised networking, learning, and inspiration, and it certainly did not disappoint. Let's take a closer look at their remarkable journey through the event:

Oct 23, KSA, CTF Confex 2023 Day 1

Discussing Challenges for a Brighter Future in the Construction Industry

Imagine this: ProjectPro and Arquiconsult, full of enthusiasm, join forces to connect with people and understand the challenges of the construction tech world. They talked to clients to figure out what bugs them and learned about their problems. These conversations were like gold mines for future ideas.

Priceless Networking and Forging Meaningful Relationships

ProjectPro being the sponsor of Confex CTF 2023 networked with their partners and construction industry professionals to forge new connections and cement existing partnerships. Amid all the business talk, they also got to meet with old pals during networking lunch. They spoke about their journeys in the construction tech world for a more organized, automated, and seamless operations tomorrow.

Oct 24, KSA, CTF Confex 2023 Day 2

Conference: Exploring Digital & Sustainable Delivery in Construction

On the second day, ProjectPro dived into insightful sessions during the conference on Digital and Sustainable Delivery in Construction. We listened to experts and joined discussions to learn about the latest trends and challenges in the construction industry. This knowledge would be useful in devising ConTech solutions to help construction businesses stay ahead of the game.

Key Speakers

1) Hani Adnan Abdel Razeq (Associate Sustainability Director AESG)

2) Maryam Telmesani (Chief Sustainability Office, MBL)

They are among the cheerleaders of sustainable delivery in Construction. They emphasized the need for a green building rating system and the use of technology to counter carbon emissions during construction and other building process for a greener tomorrow. ProjectPro is the leading ConTech company that is all about doing good for the planet.

ProjectPro Booth at CTF Confex 2023

ProjectPro was the proud sponsor of CTF Confex 2023 and received an overwhelming response at the ProjectPro booth from the construction industry connoisseurs and professionals. Our booth was buzzing with curious people wanting to know about how ProjectPro can make a difference in their construction business.

Takeaways: Learning, Inspiration, and a Bright Future

ProjectPro didn't just leave CTF Confex with business cards and brochures. They also got new knowledge and made friends. This inspired them to keep making technology for construction, and they want it to be more eco-friendly and work even better.

As they think about their time at CTF Confex, ProjectPro and Arquiconsult are really excited about the future. They learned a lot, and it's like a map guiding them to new things in construction tech. They are sure about one thing: they want to make construction better.

Now, you can be a part of this journey too!

Join ProjectPro in making the construction industry greener and more efficient.

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