7 Ways Mechanical Contractors Can Make Use of Construction Accounting Software Technology


The construction industry has evolved with time, shifting towards progressive practices. When it comes to large-sized construction projects, specialty contractors and technology both have a significant role in the process of project progress.

There are still many mechanical contractor firms that have yet to integrate their business with a construction accounting and project management software solution. Looking into an all-in-one technology solution gives construction companies, no matter the size, a competitive edge in their industry.

Adopting an all-in-one solution not only helps mechanical contractors improve their performance by providing real-time updates on all transactions and job tasks and also enables advanced project management, accurate project reporting and adds value to the overall process by streamlining workflows. Here we bring you a quick list of 7 good reasons why mechanical contractors should look into adopting a construction accounting software solution.

Field Service Management

Construction accounting and project management software provides full visibility and command over field data. This is crucial because field data errors can be the potential cause of financial loss. Software technology can help project managers keep field teams and office staff in sync with data access and sharing through the cloud.

The cloud-based integrated technology solutions allow contractors to watch, update, and share important project documents quickly through the software. This enables users to create and manage change orders, reducing chances of error in the schedule and billings. An all-in-one solution provides the ability to be able to track field progress in real-time which allows contractors to have control over multiple projects at the same time. 

Labor Resource Management

Managing labor is another important aspect of the construction business, especially when it comes to specialty contractors such as mechanical contracting firms. Using an all in one integrated construction accounting software can help contractors access real-time information and transactions on open projects.

This data can further be used for managing project schedules and assigning labor resources to projects. In addition, the system allows tracking of overtime and stores all the data in timesheets which can then be exported for accuracy in payroll processing.

Material Planning & Management

Meeting the project lifecycle objectives in construction projects involves intelligent management of materials and resources. Using construction accounting and ERP software in routine can help mechanical contractors to control inventory levels and reorder points.

Moreover, the software can help contractors and project managers get a clear picture of materials consumed at the project site which further helps to have accurate management of inventory. In other words, construction software for mechanical contractors can help to identify the needs of the project with a complete record of available material, used material, and define the schedule of shipment for any material which is not available in inventory. This can help mechanical contractors to avoid unwanted material delays leading to improved productivity and better project management. 

Finance & Expense Management

The construction business demands extensive control over finances in order to keep up with the desired profit margin and revenue. As manual accounting can be laborious and time-consuming, using construction accounting software can help mechanical contractors have easier control on change orders, purchases, rental equipment, and other expenses. This helps to streamline the entire process of project billing preventing any kind of delays to the project delivery and planned profit.

Also, mechanical contractors can benefit from integrated features like timesheets to work on employee data, project time, and the payroll process in order to have a precise check on the overall cost of the project. Using such an approach can also help contractors handle future projects more effectively while ensuring accurate bidding and project estimates.

Project Lifecycle Management

Mechanical contractors who choose cloud-based construction software can benefit from the project management capabilities within the solution. From keeping project activities on schedule to document sharing for change orders and project updates, a fully-integrated solution helps contractors save both time and money.

Moreover, the ease of making changes using mobile devices from any location allows mechanical contractors and their field teams avoid any data loss or delay with information sharing.

Adding to that, using construction accounting software is also a safer option to consider in comparison to paperwork and manual uploading of information through excel sheets and emails. Since cloud-based data is a secured platform, it brings peace of mind to contractors in regards to protection of their company data.

Document Management

From building plans to data related to equipment rentals, material expenses, and other information, it can get tedious and time-consuming to manage and transfer all data manually.

On the other hand, using an integrated construction accounting software can help all team members stay on the same page with documentation. This helps mechanical contractors to keep their business organized while leading projects towards greater success and overcoming any chances of error and delays.

Productivity Management

Finally, construction accounting software for mechanical contractors can help meet productivity goals with real-time tracking and management. It allows contractors to keep track of projects that may be falling behind the planned schedule. Using such reports, project managers can identify possible causes in delays immediately and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Also, using construction accounting software can help contractors have more accurate scheduling of material, labor, and expenses allowing faster billing as well as quicker payments. It can even help contractors to ensure integrity with project data and have a competitive edge against other specialty mechanical contractors.

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