Evaluating ProjectPro Your Roofing Software for 2022: Where to Start?

Evaluate your Roofing Software

The decision to invest in roofing technology is an important one as technology is changing the roofing industry beyond recognition. By deploying new roofing technology, contractors can scale their business.

Thus, investing in roofing software is a big step as it will help you grow and manage your construction business. With so many options in the market, you need to do a lot of research before you find the right fit. There is a lot to consider before committing to a software and many moving parts need to be deliberated upon.

Let’s find out what questions you should be asking and how ProjectPro with Business Central is the right choice as your roofing software.

Why do you need roofing software?

The best thing to do before deploying roofing software, is essential to ask why you need it. For this you need to analyze and assess gaps in the day-to-day operations or construction processes. If you think your operations can be handled more efficiently, roofing software can be the solution.

ProjectPro with Business Central is an all-in-one construction software best suited for roofers as it improves and simplifies processes. You can use Project management capabilities to manage many different jobs and automate tasks. This way it helps you avoid errors, you can retrieve information any time you want and solves many problems for you and your staff.

It helps you gain real-time insights into your construction business and you can do away with tedious spreadsheets.  It’s important that important information does not fall through the cracks and ProjectPro can manage your roofing contracts within one system. You can strengthen hold over your projects by tracking inventory, get help with job materials planning and stay ahead of challenges in time.

What areas of your business need improvement?

When it comes to evaluating CRM solutions, it is imperative that you find out what areas need improvement.  This will help you choose the right fit for your roofing business and will help you address immediate concerns.

ProjectPro is a cloud-based software system that will help you with document tracking, payroll processing, subcontract management and job costing. It also provides real-time insights and helps you make meaningful business decisions as it generates automatic reports and helps in keeping each stakeholder informed.

Does the software provide your business with the right features?

If you are planning to deploy a software system, it is by and large a significant investment. As each CRM solution varies from one another, it is better to choose the one by analyzing how your business works and identifying your specific needs.

ProjectPro, all-in-one construction software helps you to organize your roofing business and it could improve your functionality. With purpose-built software, such as ProjectPro with Business Central, you can improve your functionality and couple the operations of the field with the office.

If your business does more than roofing such as installation of holiday lights or some plumbing work, you can use roofing software to organize your company by trade in the area you are residing. With ProjectPro you can easily schedule different trades and have an added advantage of managing the purchasing of materials for jobs as and when needed for the job.

Who in your company will use the software?

The most important thing for you is to identify who will be using this software in your firm.This is where you need to decide what is best for your roofing business.

ProjectPro is a robust construction accounting software that carries out progress billing with retention accounting. It also helps in managing labor hours, costs and work units  as well.  It helps with job quotes and material order processing. 

Investing in an all-in-one software that can house all data in one location helps in streamlining operations and assists in revenue recognition.

Apart from this, it is important that you are aware of the usability of software and feel free to take a demo or a 360 degree  guided tour of the system and ask construction experts relevant questions about the onboarding process.

ProjectPro is designed specifically for roofing contractors to help them streamline their operations and run their business smoothly. It has a simple dashboard and is easy to operate for  owners and all stakeholders so that they can use it effectively. It is intuitive for the roofing industry and the support team is always ready to help with any question and can get your team familiarized with its capabilities.

Will the all-in-one construction software help you meet your business goals in 2022?

When it comes to assessing the capabilities of your roofing software systems, the most important question you should consider is whether it will help you scale your business, will result in revenue recognition and keep your firm more organized. This will help you keep operations more streamlined, things more organized and help you make better decisions and thrive in productivity.

In order to make sure you are getting most out of your investment, make a list of all your business goals for 2022 and ensure that your roofing contractor software is delivering on them. 

With ProjectPro you can be rest assured that it will deliver on your expectations and powered by the latest technologies of Microsoft, our team is here to make sure that all your goals and expectations are met. Schedule a demo of ProjectPro and ask the experts how our software can help you achieve your roofing goals in 2022. Our team is here to help you become more successful and profitable.

See how ProjectPro can help you reach your 2022 goals

ProjectPro with Business Central is an all-in-one construction software for roofing contractors. It can assist you in growing your roofing company. ProjectPro has a robust reporting system and capabilities to help you organize, better manage and streamline every aspect of your business. Whether you want to  increase your revenue or make profit, ProjectPro  has the right capabilities to help you reach your goals.

Schedule a demo and see how ProjectPro can assist your  roofing business reach your 2022 goals.