How construction technology is paving way for a more diverse and inclusive workforce?

technology has improved construction

To gain a competitive advantage in the construction landscape, diversity and inclusion are key factors to be considered in the workplace. And today there is an increasing awareness and growing focus on diversity.

Due to construction technology, there is an influx of people with different backgrounds and sites have become connected ecosystems. Its true technology has improved construction and it looks a lot different than it did a few years ago.

There is a new generation of workers and the construction industry is now improving and driving its diversity program. The deployment of technology is benefiting the construction ecosystem as project plans are coming to life with the help of building information modeling (BIM).

Fresh ideas and new ways of thinking are now shaping the construction workspace. Without technology as aid driving inclusion in construction-related tasks was not possible in the past. But today, virtual reality, the introduction of robotics, the internet of things (IoT), and construction accounting software are making project life cycles more efficient.

Let’s understand how construction technology will continue to pave way for a more diverse and inclusive workforce:

A brief look at the labor environment in the construction industry

The construction industry has faced several issues in the past and struggled with diversity, inclusion, and equity. By resorting to digital solutions some good progress has been made on the real-estate front.

Apart from this, it is important to communicate the benefits and payoffs of having an inclusive workspace that promotes talent. By having women in construction, racial minorities, companies can represent their customer base better.

According to the US Department of Labor, 47% of the workforce comprises women, only 9.9% are in construction jobs. By building diversity inroads and resorting to tech aids, construction workspaces can become a more diverse and inclusive place of work.

With tech-enabled efficiency and flexible operations, the rise of woman construction managers has been inevitable. Also, taking a leaf out of the winning playbook of leaders the shift to integrated software platforms will serve customer needs better.

By resorting to technology, construction firms can now increase bottom lines, alleviate labor shortages and create a positive impact on shareholders, employees, and communities.

Diversity & Inclusion will encourage innovation

A new and diverse pool of workers that is more tech-savvy will be a primary driver of change in the construction industry. This will be a landmark victory as construction firms have historically been regarded as slow on technology uptake.

COVID-19 crisis has accelerated automation and deployment of technology. By staying up-to-date with tech, this younger workforce is more open to experiment and give up the mantle of manual tasks.

Millennials want to save time and good ERP construction software allows them to do that! It helps them document and make sense of data generated by providing meaningful insights.

Besides a robust construction accounting software, a dedicated technology solution can help with project management and job materials planning. Reducing the number of hours spent on time-consuming spreadsheets and automating tasks is giving new thinking space to the new breed of construction workers who are keen on introducing innovative ideas.

Whether it is video-conferencing with the team, tracking project progress, and collaborating with the team in real-time, a lot is changing for builders. Traditionally a male-dominated industry is now witnessing female construction executives donning the roles of site managers.

Lack of diversity creates innovation deserts and leads to organizational blind spots. To further support diversity and new talent, there will be an increasing need for supporting solutions.

Hence technology is changing construction, opening new ways for people of various backgrounds to voice opinions, and ushering innovation in this landscape.

Benefits of a Diverse Workforce in Construction

Apart from bridging the gender gap and need for innovation, a diverse workforce is much better equipped to deal with a boatload of problems that crop up from time to time. This is becoming possible as technology solutions are improving field operations and productivity.

By attracting top talent the construction businesses are better positioned to drive overall business strategy. In fact, upcoming project pursuits are witnessing engagement from women, youth, the local workforce, and diverse businesses. Cloud-based systems are improving efficiencies and assisting in controlling overall project costs.

According to studies, the construction industry is in a perfect storm and is witnessing a wave of diverse workers who are here to overhaul it with the help of tech applications.

Beyond Processes

Technology can help contractors reap benefits and efficiently conduct a fully optimized brick and mortar operation. The operations and processes have to be broad enough to generate new ways of thinking and firms have to go beyond what they already know.

The new pool of workers with Millennials and Gen Z is paving a path for a digital future and construction firms stand to gain by improving the operations.

Construction leaders have to hire people with knowledge of different technology options. It’s going to enrich them with the nuances and insights on new markets. Besides getting someone with a construction background from a marginalized community and recruiting the individual, can also develop fresh perspectives.

Conclusion: A long road ahead

Construction firms have to establish a continuous pipeline of diverse and emerging talent. Although the construction industry has had a poor track record in this area a lot is changing because of ushering of tech-driven solutions.

With the help of ProjectPro with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, known for 20 years of construction proficiency, builders can also onboard professionals with different skills set. The software equips you with advanced technological tools and can drive positive change. Our Partner Program is committed to having more diverse voices communities and businesses on board. Even our Influencers are active diversity champions of construction-related trades.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) have created huge competitive advantages for businesses. It’s time for the construction industry to scale innovation efforts, nurture ideas, meet strategic challenges, and also channel business creativity.

As construction players will continue to actively embrace digital solutions and next-generation technologies will bring about operational improvements, the business is ready for performance transformation.

Moreover, it's time to embrace top-performing construction and building technology to attract top talent and distinguish your construction business from the pack.