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Developer In The Turf Industry | ProjectPro Case Study

Trusted Turf Industry Experts

ProjectPro has helped the leading developer in the Turf Industry streamline their job operations and management while improving their accounting, inventory management, and reporting processes.
Landscape Maintenance Company | ProjectPro Case Study

A Renowned Landscaping Company

ProjectPro helped a landscaping company to improve its job costing and project management using Dynamics Business Central. ProjectPro was implemented, providing modules for progress billing, subcontract management, and advanced labor and material planning.
Telecommunication service provider | ProjectPro Case Study

A Leading Telecommunication Service Provider

ProjectPro helped the largest telecommunication service provider in Oklahoma to switch from MACC to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to streamline their job costing, billing, and management, resulting in improved project performance visibility, job operations, and financial reporting.
The Construction Developer

A Leading Custom Home Builder

To overcome all project management and construction-related challenges, a renowned construction developer implemented ProjectPro. Using ProjectPro in combination with Business Central, the client could streamline job operations, access a centralized database for integrated information, and quickly generate accurate financial reports.
The Petroleum Group of Company

The Petroleum Group of Company

A leading fuel and fluid provider aiming to migrate from their existing software to Dynamics Business Central with more construction-specific features approached us to manage their migration process. Our team implemented ProjectPro powered by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to help them overcome operational challenges.
Full-service Technology Integrating Company

Full-service Technology Integrating Company

ProjectPro helped a leading Technology Integrator with a centralized database to help them control their operational processes and team. They wanted to integrate D365 Sales and Dynamics Field Services with D365 Business Central. We met their requirements and empowered them to overcome unique business challenges.
Commercial Supply & Installation of Fences Company

A Commercial Supply & Installation of Fences Company

ProjectPro assisted a leading fence supply and installation company with project and contract management. Using the power of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, ProjectPro was able to meet the client's unique requirements with the utmost efficiency.
Information Solution Provider

Information Solution Provider

ProjectPro helped a leading provider of information transport solutions with migration from manual processing of construction to automated project management. We met their requirements and empowered them to overcome unique business challenges.
mining construction

General Product Contractor

A specialized group of companies each with an independent focus that are recognized as leaders and innovators by providing unique products and solutions to their customers. They can design, manufacture and deliver for purchase. They also hire a diverse range of products in each of their businesses.
mining construction

Multi Family Flooring & Tiling Company

A top-notch multi-family flooring and tiling company used ProjectPro, aiming to manage all the data at an integrated cloud-based platform and streamline operational challenges. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, ProjectPro enables our clients to simplify their operations related to team management.
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Architectural Tile Company

A renowned Architectural Tile Company used ProjectPro for streamlining its internal operations and reaping the maximum benefits. By using ProjectPro powered by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, we enabled our client to refine some of the front end processes related to quoting and supporting the solution at every step.
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Communication Solutions Provider

A prominent Communication Service Provider used ProjectPro to streamline financial reporting, improve project management, and plan for future growth. To manage numerous divisions, the client required a Microsoft-based ERP with robust project costing features. They chose ProjectPro as a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central add-on to tackle their project management challenges and grow their business to new heights.
mining construction

Civil Construction Company

To address all project management and construction-related challenges, a renowned civil construction company implemented ProjectPro. By using ProjectPro in combination with Business Central, the client was able to standardize their cost code structure, improve project management and operations monitoring, regulate job costing, project billings, and prepare for future growth.
mining construction

Mining Construction

ProjectPro helped a leading underground mining contractor enhance business processes, improve data production efficiency and advance project management capabilities. They wanted to improve their current business processes to make information readily accessible to all users within the organization and enhance data production efficiencies.
Camp Construction

General Contractor Firm

ProjectPro helped Camp Construction by equipping the legacy system that can handle the transactions and works as a centralized, fully integrated construction solution. Microsoft Dynamics and ProjectPro enabled Camp Construction Services the ability to automate the business process, from estimating to the completion of projects and meet their business expansion plans.
Griffin Insulation

Commercial And Industrial Insulation Service Provider

Incorporated in 1986, Griffin Insulation is a family-owned business that comes from the Central New York area. Griffin Insulation was looking for a solution that can help them with accounting control and vendor management features. Team ProjectPro helped them by implementing advanced job costing, progress billing, and retention module streamlining their finance and accounting related management needs.
Hynes Concrete Contractor Inc

Concrete Contractor Firm

Established in the year 1977, Hynes Concrete Contractor Inc. was having trouble managing their finances. They needed to upgrade from the manual process while taking control of tasks related to Budgeting, Contracts, Purchases, Invoices, Progress Billings, and Application of Union Labor. ProjectPro helped the giant concrete contractor take command of their needs by upgrading to Business Central V14.