All-In-One Construction Accounting Software

Construction Software For Payroll/HR

Simplifying Reporting and Compliance for Construction Payroll Requirements

We made a construction accounting software that is designed to meet all your unique requirements related to job and construction payroll so that the correct data is passed on to your payroll software or 3rd party payroll service.

At ProjectPro, we understand how frustrating and consuming it can get to work on fragmented systems for all your construction related processes especially when it comes to sensitive tasks like payroll & compensation.

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Payrol HR

Labor Data, Certified Payroll, Union Management, & More

TimeSheets & Labor Wages

TimeSheets & Labor Wages

ProjectPro provides you with Crew Timesheets that are designed to keep track of labor data i.e. the work hours, overtime, leaves, and other important details related to field productivity. Furthermore, the data can easily be accessed from the payroll system to process the wages and other compliance related tasks.

Smart Payroll Means Accuracy

Smart Payroll Means Accuracy

Labor is one of the most expensive part of construction project. The tasks is more likely to cause unwanted costs when payroll related information needs to worked from fragmented systems. However, ProjectPro helps you get over the stress of working on excel sheets and ensure maximum accuracy and compliance.

Eliminate Payroll Mistakes

Eliminate Payroll Mistakes

Working with ProjectPro is easy, no need to be concerned over common payroll mistakes. With its centralized data management system, ProjectPro allows you to generate reports with precision, unlike poorly integrated payroll systems.

Professional Payroll Management

Professional Payroll Management

When all the essential operations at your construction site are fragmented, it usually gets very difficult to keep all the data in sync which ultimately affects your financial performance and revenue. However, ProjectPro allows you to work and protect all your sensitive data related to payroll and compensation with advantage to manage union, certified payrolls, and other HR tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How does ProjectPro helps Payroll teams?

HRs and Payroll teams can use ProjectPro for its enterprise resource planning capabilities that simplifies all the payroll related tasks from private or public projects.

Can I work on certified payroll reports using ProjectPro?

Yes, you can use ProjectPro to process certified payroll reports and even work on tasks related to AIA Billings, WH-347 Reporting, etc.

How this software is beneficial for HR managers?

Human Resource Managers could keep track of labor data, their performance and productivity using ProjectPro. Also, this data can be used to work on recruitments or scheduling of labor for specific construction activities.

Why makes ProjectPro better than other Payroll/HR software?

ProjectPro is an integrated construction accounting and project management software that means it does not need you to have multiple systems at site to work on your project lifecycle. Also, the centralized data management system cuts the chances of inefficiency improving response time and productivity.