What Makes ProjectPro A Top-Rated Construction Management Software?


With an industry experience of more than two decades, ProjectPro has always strived to meet the unique and growing needs of construction companies. This approach has not only allowed ProjectPro to help construction companies overcome the manual processes of the past but has provided the required technology boost to contractors, which has helped lean out processes and drive productivity.

Most of the time, construction firms either small, medium or large-scale entities often miss the chance to choose the right platform for their needs related to accounting, contract billing with retention, resource management, and Project management. On the other hand, there are still many contractors who stick with outdated platforms and technology, making it difficult for them to expand their services for necessary business visibility.

ProjectPro has always managed to be the primary choice of the construction world for its value-adding services. Since it is based on the powerful Dynamics 365 Business Central Platform, it allows users to access data centralization benefits with its cloud features.

All in all, ProjectPro as a construction project management software has managed to contain all the features that make it one of the best construction management software available. From estimating and bids to resource allocation, data management, and other stages of the project lifecycle, it can handle everything with ease, delivering an error-free experience.

Here we bring you a quick list of features that make ProjectPro, A Top-Rated Construction Project Management Software:

Gain Better Project Visibility

Since the construction project lifecycle demands real-time access to the operational process, ProjectPro allows users to have an extended reach to their operations. It increases efficiency for the users when it is necessary to capture business opportunities. Moreover, the added visibility allows users to have maximum control of the project in order to meet productivity goals.

Easier Job & Project Forecasting

A successful construction project needs direction from the start. ProjectPro helps contractors and project managers to keep a check on overall project planning as well as budgeting. Also, intelligent features such as Power BI and Office 365 tools make it easier for the user to locate current data in order to create accurate projections for large size projects. In other words, ProjectPro lets the users achieve their goals related to job and project forecasting by allowing the flow of purposeful data.

Advanced Document Management

The inconsistency with the process of document management makes it difficult for contractors to pull productivity data. However, working on an integrated construction accounting and project management software solution like ProjectPro makes it easier for architects, project managers, subcontractors, and entire field teams to stay updated with the latest information. Moreover, keeping contracts, documents, and drawings centralized in the system allows tracking improvement and ensures progressive development.

Information Sharing & Data Control

Since it is a cloud-based solution, ProjectPro comes in handy when project managers need to share important updates with field teams or project owners need to define any changes to the contractor itself. With centralized data availability, users can easily overcome the stress of transferring the data across sites and solutions, as it simplifies the process and adds more value to time.

Advanced Workflow Planning

ProjectPro is a complete solution for construction companies and contractors who need to keep all data related to their existing and upcoming projects streamlined. Leaving no space for consuming updates or complex integration processes, it allows users to manage routine operations with ease. This means a well-defined and reliable workflow can be established using ProjectPro as it is vital for any project to avoid unwanted expenses of time, money, and other resources.

Change Order Management

Another feature that makes ProjectPro a business essential for construction contractors is the ease of managing change orders. With a centralized system, ProjectPro allows all the field teams and project managers to have immediate access to change order data. This helps the team to strategize the changes into their present schedule while making changes to the material, schedule, labor, and allocation of other necessary resources. Ultimately, it helps to prevent the derailing of the project due to unexpected changes which users working on manual or siloed systems may find difficult to accommodate, leading to revenue loss and errors.

The Crux

ProjectPro as a construction management software delivers comprehensive services and support to the users. Whether it comes to finance, accounting, resource planning, material planning, job forecasting, or contract billing with retention, it can handle everything with ease.

Also, the powerful platform like Dynamics 365 Business Central allows it to deliver extensive and essential project support while saving on time and giving you a chance to leverage upcoming opportunities. It is therefore a complete construction project management software that has the capacity to actively lead projects with extreme responsiveness, which is vital to meet productivity goals.

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