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Keep record of work hours and rates tables to authorize data entries for payroll

Timesheets functionality of our Construction Accounting Software, ProjectPro enables recording of the resource hours. These records are sorted according to the day-wise as Timesheets could be quickly sorted either through job or resource and the user can copy the same from one week to another.
The users have the authority to complete their individual Timesheets, which is an option provided in the ‘My Timesheet section’ that can be further grouped with the previous Timesheet entries for creating batches for the job. Moreover, the Rates tables can also be configured in a way that associates a cost with a resource.
These rates vary for every project. Furthermore, the information associated with Timesheet contains a maximum of two levels of authorization that allow accounting staff as well as project managers to separately authorize Timesheets and entries. Once these entries are authorized, Timesheets could be easily transferred to the payroll systems or 3rd Party Payroll Service.

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Got a Question?

Can I create Timesheets entries for non-job hours?

Yes, you can create Timesheets entries for service tickets, resource time without jobs, and Absence entries.

How can I make notes or comments on Timesheets entries?

Comments can be made for the whole Timesheets submittal or you can make comments on each time sheet entry.

Can I easily get to the Timesheets entry page?

Yes, you can set your dashboard or role center page to default to Team Member for quick access to Open Timesheets, Submitted Time Sheets, and Pending Time Sheets.

If employee or resource is already scheduled for a job, can the Timesheets entries auto fill with hours?

Yes, you can populate your Timesheets with expected hours for Jobs and Job Task for the week.

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