How the Pandemic Has Added More Value to Remote Construction?


The spread of COVID-19 made a socially distanced workplace a protocol that pushed construction firms and site teams to move quickly. This was a necessary action that was required in the favor of health and safety for the site and office teams. Needless to say, these safety regulations also added to the stress on construction contractors, who needed to continue progress on existing projects, retain future projects, and ensure minimum interruption with all ongoing processes. A key factor that helped relieve some of that stress was the utilization of technology solutions which allowed remote management and control of operations. For instance, the use of tablets or mobile devices by site teams helped share data with project managers, contractors, and project owners, with secure storage options on the cloud.

The Growth of Remote Construction Market

According to research made by Future Market Analysis, it has been found that the annual growth of the remote construction market is more than 14 percent per year, which means the industry is expected to grow by four times by 2030. However, the pandemic has pushed construction firms across global boundaries to adopt technologies like AI-based construction accounting software technology or project management solutions that can anticipate any chance of loss. Also, the choice of various technologies has made construction contractors and project managers lean on solutions that can manage schedules, offer material and resource management support and process change orders. In addition, FMI has predicted that this rate of growth for the remote construction industry is likely to multiply in the upcoming years as contractors are likely to have a greater need for AI, BIM modeling, and machine learning solutions for adding value to decision making and functional progress of the projects.

How The Spread Of COVID Has Affected Remote Construction?

Even though the spread of the novel corona virus has turned to be somewhat of a nightmare for everyday job site operations and day to day reality, it has catalyzed the adoption of technology in the construction world. Although most of the present-day technologies such as construction project management software were available to contractors before the spread of COVID-19, many contractors only started to adopt these with the growing impact of the pandemic. Nevertheless, this trend is likely to sustain and will take the concept of using remote tools a level up i.e. from photo documentation on mobile devices to real-time project progress and reporting on the cloud-based systems. Looking at the present circumstances, the construction firms are also very likely to adopt remote collaborations that can help evolve the working procedures for field teams, office staff, project managers, project owners, and ,of course, the contractors. As all these remote platforms can be used from smartphones or other devices, the technology can also help contractors keep the entire project team on the same page. And although the technology was always available, working remotely and social distancing norms have made it a necessary and natural fit for all.

Identifying Challenges with Remote Construction

The mitigation practices and safety norms developed by health authorities across the globe have completely changed the construction industry, especially job site protocols. At present, the contractors have their focus on safe scheduling, planning the employee worksite lineup to prevent the spread of infection while maintaining the pace of progress. Many industries are not known for their adoption of rapid process changes, construction included. But the present situation has left no choice; businesses can either stop their projects or close up shop or progress with the modern ways of working. Fortunately, the need to succeed in business has made contractors overcome their adversity to the change and plan for futuristic solutions. All in all, the pandemic has made construction companies alter their policies and practices to have more safety and productivity at the job site and offices. Moreover, the introduction of advanced technology solutions has turned out to be a blessing for contractors who need to align with remote work practices while taking their business forward. Are you a construction contractor who is having trouble managing your projects because of limited access to technology? Try ProjectPro, a cloud-based construction accounting and project management software designed to help you keep command over your construction projects with precision. Schedule a free demo today!