Migrating from Wennsoft to Business Central with ProjectPro

Migrating from Wennsoft to Business Central with ProjectPro

Technology has accelerated the growth of the construction industry. In fact, it is estimated that in 2024, $24.4 billion would be spent on IT by the construction and engineering industry, clocking a 7.5% growth over previous years. To ensure that clients get the maximum value out of their IT investments, it is crucial for vendors to partner with software providers that are up to date with technology and use modern platforms to scale success.

End-of-life for Great Plains (GP)

With the announcement of Microsoft Dynamics GP reaching its end of life, organizations must proactively prepare and strategize for the future. The construction add-on solution, Wennsoft (formerly Key2Act), is one such solution that is due for an upgrade. Wennsoft migration needs to be a top-of-the-mind concern for existing users.

Here are a few key challenges that will compel organizations to upgrade from Wennsoft:

  •  End of support for Dynamics GP by 2028
  •  Lack of integration capabilities
  •  Inflow of new cloud-based technologies

What organizations need is a Microsoft partner that has deep domain knowledge about GP, Wennsoft, and Business Central (BC) that can easily facilitate the transition from Wennsoft to a more modern solution. Like the power-packed construction accounting software ProjectPro.

All-in-One Construction Accounting with ProjectPro

ProjectPro’s purpose-built software simplifies business operations by providing clear insights into project costs, resource needs, and allocation. It consolidates project accounting, management, labor and resource management, material planning, and customer relationship management into one solution. With ProjectPro, construction businesses can boost productivity effectively and efficiently.

Migrating from Wennsoft to ProjectPro: 7 Key Things to Consider

While Wennsoft offers project accounting and financial management services, it lacks in providing a 360° support across all touchpoints. Additionally, it is based on the legacy system Great Plains that limits its functionality. This is where ProjectPro excels. Powered by a more robust Microsoft Dynamics Business Central platform, DynamicsSmartz ProjectPro can streamline end-to-end project accounting and operational workflows while adding intelligence into the process.

Let’s dive deeper into the different features of project management for the construction industry to understand why it is imperative to upgrade from Wennsoft to ProjectPro.

1. Job Costing
Wennsoft tracks the project costs including labor, materials, equipment, and overhead expenses. ProjectPro goes a step further and provides comprehensive job costing capabilities to track project expenses and revenues to a deeper and more detailed level. Furthermore, it offers budget management features that allow users to pre-set project budgets and monitor spending against them.

2. Resource Management
For efficient resource management and planning, organizations need to get clear visibility into resource availability, workload, and capacity in order to avoid overallocation and optimize project schedules. ProjectPro offers tools for superior resource planning and allocation to ensure optimal resource utilization.

3. Integration
While Wennsoft integrates well with Microsoft Dynamics GP, it offers limited integration capabilities with other platforms. ProjectPro, on the other hand, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling smooth data synchronization between project management and accounting modules. Plus, it has built-in connectors to integrate with Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Office.

4. Technology
In addition to being based on the older Microsoft GP platform, lack of browser-based support is one of the biggest drawbacks of Wennsoft. ProjectPro easily stands out here with its ability to use a variety of browsers and supports use on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. What’s more, its integration with Business Central, Microsoft Power Platform, and the Microsoft Office Suite makes it an all-rounder for enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Wennsoft Job Cost does offer customized reports for analyzing performance; however, its lack of integration capabilities limits its scope. ProjectPro offers robust reporting and analytics tools to gain insights into project progress, costs, and resource utilization. It has a built-in integration to Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Office that helps users to make sense of data and gain actionable insights.


6. Customization and Scalability

Both Wennsoft Job Cost and ProjectPro by DynamicsSmartz offer customization options to adapt to unique business requirements. However, ProjectPro is more equipped to scale effectively for supporting growing project portfolios and evolving business needs, with options for additional modules and functionalities.


7. Pricing Strategy

The pricing and licensing model for Wennsoft is based on an annual maintenance fee, whereas DynamicsSmartz ProjectPro offers a subscription-based pay-as-you-go model.


Superior Wennsoft Migration Services and Support with ProjectPro

ProjectPro houses a robust platform and a team of expert resources with deep domain knowledge that makes the migration from Wennsoft quick, smooth, and hassle-free. ProjectPro offers step-by-step migration services that seamlessly transfer data without incurring any losses in the process. Reach out to the team today to learn more about how ProjectPro can add a touch of intelligence to construction accounting and management processes and create more value for your business.