West Virginia: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential
Orders/Effective From: Reopening Orders/May 19, 2020

Considering the state of emergency, the stay at home orders were brought into effect indefinitely. But still, construction has been deemed essential.​

On May 19, 2020, the Governor Jim Justice has announced reopening of the state with several guidelines and safety protocols listed under the executive order.

Governing Body: The Office Of Governor Jim Justice

Questions about Construction during COVID-19?

Though COVID-19 has severely affected the United States, bringing a lot of restrictions and orders on continuing construction, the most significant information people seek is all about the status of construction in different states. Being a service provider for microsoft dynamics 365 construction Software, we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help every small and big construction firm to navigate their business during COVID-19. If there is anything we have not included or missed, please reach our team.

FAQs: Status of Construction

With construction deemed as essential, all construction related to healthcare, sanitation, long term facilities, housing, and business construction is permitted.
The hardware stores along with those who deal with supplies related to electrical, plumbing, and heating material are permitted to work.
Though there are no particular orders issued by the authorities in the state, it is necessary that all workplaces or sites must stick to the OSHA’s rules for preparing worksites. Moreover, guidelines from health organizations such as WHO and CDC’s updates should be considered to practice safety at the site.
Yes, the data related to contracts, expenses, estimated delivery, job schedules, etc. would track project progress and interruption in order to reduce project losses due to COVID-19. However, it will be easier for construction firms who have a robust project management and accounting software in place.

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For retaining cash flow, construction firms and contractors in the state could simply apply for the SBA loan program. Apart from this, there are several insurance lending programs and options available in the state which along with CARES Act provisions could benefit construction companies in dealing with the loss.
Since construction is deemed essential in the state, there is no restriction on opening construction sites for essential projects, such as building healthcare facilities, schools, shelter homes, electricity supply, or other such construction projects. However, these sites must ensure the practice of social distancing rules and safety measures against exposure.
In order to benefit from Force Majeure protections, activity data regarding resources, financials and project status should be tracked using a robust construction accounting software and submitted to the governing officials to demonstrate project delays and incurred expenses were due to COVID-19.

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