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Maine: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

Releasing an exempt on construction and essential business, the state authorities of Maine have announced a statewide business closure order effective from March 25, 2020, to April 30, 2020.

Apart from this, a stay at home order has also been announced after the exclusive release of orders by Portland previously. To help citizens in Maine cope up with the situation, Governor Janet Mills have announced various guidelines and practices that will help state in making a safe recovery from COVID-19. These include funding plan for schools, support to working families, and lifting of general economy. You can get a quick check to each of these releases by clicking here.

​October 2020 Update: On October 6, Governor Mills announced Stage 4 of reopening plan starting from October 13, 2020. Under stage 4 of reopening all types of construction projects in the state are allowed to function, while following the safety practices will be a mandate for all.

Governing Body:Office of Governor Janet T. Mills

FAQs: Maine Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Construction is addressed in the order?

Though the recent orders issued by the authorities have no specific information regarding construction, the past orders had a provision listing construction for infrastructure and maintenance as essential.

However, the orders issued by the Portland authorities stated that any construction project which was in process prior to COVID-19 restrictions should be permitted to continue, but are mandated to follow social distancing guidelines. Moreover, plumbers, electricians, sanitation, and safety were all deemed to be essential services.

How building materials are addressed in the order?

The recent statewide orders have no specific information related to building material supplies; previous had stated that most orders most orders and contract business were limited.

Moreover, there are guidelines to limit the number of people permitted in a store based upon size. The orders from Portland categorized hardware and building material suppliers and stores to be essential.

Are there any updates released to define workplace guidelines for employers?

The government of the state of Maine has considered the suspension of construction to be economic loss. However, to continue construction, it is necessary that contractors and construction firms understand the industry best practices to avoid the spread of illness.

Are there any specific Jobsite Rules/Protocols?

No, there are no specific Jobsite rules or protocols; the responsibility lies on the construction company or contractor’s end to follow the safety guidelines that can prevent the spread of infection between workers.

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