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Alabama: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

Considering the current situation, the state health officer of Alabama has announced a statewide Stay at Home Order. Effective till April 30, 2020, the suspension on certain public gatherings were also introduced prior to the recent Safer at Home orders introduced on May 1, 2020 until May 15, 2020.

Post this order, the state has allowed all types of construction work, irrespective of any restrictions. But still, Jefferson and Mobile County health officers are allowed to issue any strict requirements concerning the situation of the shutdown.

However, the most recent amendment made as emergency proclamation by Governor Ivey comes with new Safer at Home orders under which statewide mask requirement has been raised. Issued on July 15, the order contains distancing and masks guidelines for public indoor places as well as transportation services or any place with gathering of more than 10 people.

October 2020 Update: According to Kiplinger, the entire business industry is moving back on track. Especially, the construction is looking to be a strong growth area with more and more job opportunities since Alabama is primary spot where automotive industry is looking for its expansion.

Governing Body:The Office of Alabama Governor

FAQs: Alabama Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

How is Construction being addressed in Alabama?

The orders released by the state authorities have deemed construction as an essential service. This gives exemption to all construction-related activities such as construction, hardware, lumber, and more.Also, all the sub-contract activities that demand electricians, plumbers, HVAC service providers, Janitorial Services, and other skilled workers would be permitted to work under the essential infrastructure clause.

Is Birmingham order restrictive to construction?

The Birmingham order has been issued concerning public interest and is area specific. Under this, a shelter in place order was issued previously but as of now, any services that work on the supply of services or goods for building, operations, and development of infrastructure (Commercial or Institutional) will be exempt.

Is it permissible to do business for Building material suppliers?

The order issued by the government and health authorities in the state has clearly shown exempt to the hardware, home improvement, and building material suppliers who deal with electrical, heating, or plumbing material or any other essentials for construction activities.

Are there any specific Jobsite Rules/Protocols?

Contractors who are working for essential services must ensure all the hazard prevention and transmission guidelines should be worked at the site. This may need the contractors to stick with the Alabama Public Health guidelines and resources. Moreover, employers can follow the Guidelines for safeguarding all businesses to ensure that the site remains safe and workers healthy.

How Construction could be kept open amid COVID-19?

Construction in Alabama could be kept open as it is deemed as an essential business. However, it not only needs the contractors to submit the report for the safety standards at the workplace but practice all the health guidelines. The inability to meet the preparedness requirements under the executive orders could lead to suspension or shutdown. Nevertheless, there are certain specific guidelines and considerations that could help ensure a smooth restart for construction sites with compliance to safety.

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