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Nebraska: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Unrestricted

There have been no orders issued by the state authorities or counties in Nebraska.

October 2020 Update: The state of Nebraska has witnessed a delayed affect on construction with slowed down progress of the projects. Though the current status of construction is still unrestricted, the contractors are advised to stick with social distancing and safety guidelines at the site with reduced labor capacity for projects.

Governing Body: The Office Of Governor Pete Ricketts

FAQs: Nebraska Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

How construction is addressed in the state?

No orders were issued to announce any non-essential and essential categories of business and services. All construction sites are open and free from any prohibition.

How building materials are addressed in the state?

Any kind of building material and hardware services could be continued in the state without any restrictions.

Are there any updates released to define workplace guidelines for employers?

There are no specific workplace guidelines issued in consideration of the construction sector. However, construction firms and employees should adhere to the federal guidelines issued by Federal Health Organizations such as WHO, OSHA, and CDC.

How construction could be kept open amid COVID-19?

To keep construction open during COVID-19, all construction sites including workers, employers, managers, and other staff must stick to social distancing rules. Moreover, there should be a proper arrangement for safety such as marking areas at a distance of 6 feet, providing gloves & masks, sanitizing worksite, prior arrangement for lunch area, availability of sanitizers, soap, and water at the site, etc.

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