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Idaho: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

The state authorities of Idaho went for immediate action as the spread of COVID-19 hits the United States.  A statewide stay at home order was released which was amended once on April 15. The last order was brought into effect on May 1, 2020, which will continue to be in effect until official notice is issued.

According to these updates construction-related housing and necessary infrastructure were considered essential. On the other hand, all the non-essential businesses were prohibited to open in the entire state of Idaho.

The most recent updates have included guidelines related to stage 3 of stay healthy orders following the last orders from the Office of the Governor.

However, the inability of the state to recover from COVID-19 has made Governor Brad Little to stay in the process of rebound and stick to the stage 4 stay healthy guidelines on July 20, 2020. The information related to stay healthy order and rebound orders could be accessed here.

October 2020 Update: Despite the national decline, Construction in Idaho is highest ever adding 6.9 percent to the state’s GDP. With more than 54000 Idahoians working in construction industry, the availability of jobs is still very high in the state when it comes to construction.

Governing Body: State of Idaho Government

FAQs: Idaho Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

How construction is addressed under the orders?

The statewide order has deemed any construction related to public infrastructure and housing to be essential.

How building materials are addressed under the orders?

As a matter of safety and concern, only the hardware stores are deemed essential.

Are there any updates released to define workplace guidelines for employers?

Considering the need for safety at construction sites, the government of the state of Idaho is frequently releasing updates on workforce guidance. Moreover, a return to work and stay healthy guide was also released by the state to avoid the increase of COVID-19 cases in the state.

Are there any specific Jobsite Rules/Protocols?

Though construction is deemed essential in the state, construction companies and contractors must ensure that the sites are completely safe for the workers. Moreover, there must be a proper procedure that can mitigate the chance of contact between workers. This should to be done by following all the essential safety rules and policies for construction site and workers' safety.

How Construction could be kept open amid COVID-19?

To keep construction open during COVID-19, there have been various releases and updates made by the government. These include construction site best practice guides as well as the rules for construction sites that contractors may voluntarily adopt to keep sites safe.

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