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Construction Status: Essential

The state of Colorado had also announced stay at home orders effective till April 26, 2020. However, looking at the situation, the authorities are likely to extend the orders.

The orders to stay at home were issued by the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, following the decision of local authorities of Archuleta and La Plata Counties, Jefferson County, Pitkin County, and the cities of Denver and Boulder.

Also, the Governor had announced to reform the stay at home policy with after at home policy on April 22, 2020, which is yet to be released.

After making several amendments to the existing executive orders, Governor Jared Polis released amendment and extension details with new executive order on May 25, 2020.

Following the past executive orders from May, 2020, the most recent orders have made no changes related to the imposing of restrictions on construction. However, the executive order issued on July 16, 2020 contains provisions to make masks as an essential service.

October 2020 Update: The spread of COVID-19 has caused big time financial effects as 74 percent of firms have reported postponed or canceled projects. Besides this, 26 percent firms confirmed the plans to terminate their employees while 46 percent planning to recall the employees. But still, state is expecting to have long recovery with home building industry to spring in the coming months.

Governing Bodies: Corolado Official State Web Portal

FAQs: Colorado Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

How the state has addressed construction?

The state orders have designated that construction is limited to in process housing for low-income people and maintenance construction only.

How the order does affect building material and construction supplies?

Hardware and building material supplies are deemed essential.

Is there any variance between state and county orders?

This can be confirmed with local authorities per county.

•Denver(already extended the orders until May 8)
•Archuleta and La Plata Counties
Jefferson County

Are there any specific Jobsite Rules/Protocols?

Due to the need for safety and precautions at the Jobsite, construction associations and the Government of Colorado have created a specific list of Jobsite rules and protocols to be followed at construction site. These guidelines include information on health screening as well as resuming construction at different sites.

How Construction could be kept open amid COVID-19?

To keep construction open amid crisis will require construction firms and contractors to follow the public health orders and safety norms. These may include various terms and conditions which construction sites must adhere to for the safety of the employees.

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