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Georgia: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

As per the updates on May 28, 2020, the Governor Brian Kemp renewed the state of emergency for the third time. However, considering the rising number of cases in the country, Governor Kemp in his executive orders on June 29, 2020 extended the health state of emergency along with orders on safety measures.

Prior to these updates on state of emergency, the State of Georgia on April 3, 2020, announced statewide orders of shelter in place. However, residential construction and critical infrastructure-related support were considered as essential and permitted.

All construction related to housing, public works, safety and energy sector projects were exempt from shut down. Initially, the orders were issued at the county and city level, but later it was announced that statewide orders should supersede any local or county orders. To avoid any chances of conflict, specific guidelines can be confirmed from the local authorities.

October 2020 Update: Since COVID-19 has turned to be the reason for business loss for construction firms, Georgia legislative has made two new bills as laws as a protection against COVID-19 lawsuits.

Governing Body:State of Georgia Government

FAQs: Georgia Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

How the state/local orders addressed construction?

The statewide orders have been issued in regard to CISA Memorandum version 2.0 under which construction has been listed as an essential activity. Though most areas have announced that construction related to housing and critical infrastructure can continue, some have stricter laws than others.

For example, the city of Atlanta has only permitted construction for maintenance, while Savannah has only permitted construction projects that have a valid permit issued according to 1st amended declaration.

How the building material suppliers have been addressed in the orders?

Throughout all of Georgia, only the hardware stores were considered essential business.

Are there any specific Jobsite Rules/Protocols?

The government of the state of Georgia, through construction associations in Georgia has released rules and guidelines for the safety of construction workers. These include guidelines related to exposure prevention and keeping workers protected while working at construction site.

How Construction could be kept open amid COVID-19?

To keep construction open during COVID-19, construction companies must ensure that they stick to all the updated data issued by the government as well as construction associations in the state. Construction firms need to have a clear knowledge of risk management as well as safety resources which can help reopen the sites.

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