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Easy Progress Billings

Manage project billings for a better track of expenses

The progress billing feature could help you manage bills based on unit consumption or the lump sum contracts.
ProjectPro is a Construction Accounting Software that enables users to bill their customers based on the progress of the project. These billings consist of “Contract” planning or schedule value lines that decide billing arrangements.

AIA – Billings

AIA – Billings

Create AIA billings based on material & job calculations

Work on billing type of %, Unit, or L/S (Lump Sum) through transaction lines that are either G/L Accounts, Items, or Resources. The progress billing documents are AIA G702, AIA G703, AIA G702CMa, and Generic Progress Billing formats. The ProjectPro Progress Billings Granule provides the following billing documents and reports:

  • Generic Progress Billing by Schedule of Value (Contract) – Bill by %, Work Units, Lump Sum $
  • AIA G702 Progress Billing (American Institute of Architects) Document
  • AIA G703 Progress Billing – Continue Progress Billing continuous detail sheet
Unit Billings

Unit Billings

Locate Your Subcontract Data based on Job Reports

ProjectPro offers intense capabilities as accounting software for subcontractors since it allows a user to get track of subcontract data based on job reports.
This makes it easy for both the project owner and the construction company to keep a check on every task related to the project. Moreover, it helps to streamline activities and set the pace for completing the deliverables on time

Time & Material Billings

Time & Material Billings

Create bills based on time & material consumption

ProjectPro enables a user to create job price rates for labor and equipment by resource group or individual rates, if necessary.The Construction Accounting capabilities of ProjectPro can help you track markup % for materials, subcontract, and other cost categories that you have contracted with your customer.


Work Order

Smooth transaction of costs for time & material

ProjectPro gets you an easy and smooth access to work order related costs where you can execute costs related to labor time and material. It brings a combination of establishing markup percentages by G/L Accounts, Resources, Items, and Cost Categories to drive a wide range of options that can help transfer posted labor costs and vendor purchases into quick Work Order or directly to Job Sales Invoices.

Who We Are

Award-Winning Construction Software Created By Industry Experts

We know the construction industry challenges and we strive to make sure you achieve your project goals. We cut through complexity to give you the assurance and directions for your decisions, because we are here for the long term.

Projectpro: An award winning construction software


Case study

Communication Solution Provider

This case study will help you understand how ProjectPro helped the client streamline financial reporting, and enhance project management and operations monitoring by offering real-time project performance visibility.

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Product Update
Product Update

Got a Question?

Does ProjectPro handle Customer Retention (Holdback) Accounting?

Under the Receivables Setup, ProjectPro, the construction accounting software, provides the settings for retention account but also how taxes are calculated based on sales tax, GST, HST, VAT taxing jurisdictions.

Will I be able to handle multiple billing methods in the same contract?

Yes! Billing contract lines can be setup for the same job with a billing method of %, units, or lump sum. These can be created for any job and any combination of billing methods.

How can I handle Progress Billings including AIA G702/G703 format?

There is a Standard Progress Billing Invoice format that shows contract today and previous billings along with breakdown of “Schedule of Value” contract items. Under the Progress Billing setup you can add your AIA Subscription and Expiration Date to allow the printing of the G702 and G703 document.

How does ProjectPro handle progress billings that are rejected or unapproved by customer or field engineers?

ProjectPro provides the ability to create a new “Version” of the job billing. This enables our users to create a revised job billing and still keep the same “Requisition No.”. So the customer only sees the new correct billing document. If the job billing was already posted there will be a credit memo to reverse the original invoice. User selects the process there is no re-keying of information necessary.

Can I easily setup time & material billings with rate tables and markups?

Yes, each job can be setup with billing rates for Labor and Equipment and all cost categories such as Materials, Subcontractors, Rentals, etc. can have their own “Markup %”. You may also set your markup to be based on the “General Ledger Account” used in our accounting software for construction firms.

How do I handle Change Orders and Extra Work Order as they relate to customer contracts?

You can create change orders automatically for any master job and assign extra work orders as the need arises. All of these change orders and extra work jobs are all related to the master jobs.

Do project billings support ability to invoice change orders or extra work orders to different customer than the contract customer?

Yes if you decide to bill a different customer for change orders or extra work orders, ProjectPro enables you to process invoices to related customer accounts and master job will still include all billings for analysis and profitability.

Can I see what my project billing impact will have on my business before I actually post the invoice?

Yes!, you can select “Pre-posting” to see what will be posted to the job, customer, general ledger, resource & items.

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