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North Dakota: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Unrestricted

The state of North Dakota has no orders regarding the suspension of any activities neither any stay at home orders was issued.

October 2020 Update: Since the status of construction in the state is unrestricted, the construction projects in the state are only likely to be affected due to the shortage of supply from the other states. However, the state of North Dakota is in good position to improve the economic condition of the state.

Governing Body:The Office Of Governor Doug Burgum

FAQs: North Dakota Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

What is the position of construction in the state?

All types of construction i.e. residential, commercial, affordable housing programs, and public works are open across the state.

What is the position of building materials and hardware store in the state?

No list of essential or non-essential business has been issued by the authorities. All hardware stores, building material, and other construction essential material suppliers are permitted to work

Are there any updates released to define workplace guidelines for employers?

Yes, the state has released smart workplace protocols for ensuring safety at construction sites. These include OSHA’s Guidance for Construction Workforce and Guidelines on Keeping Construction Workers Safe.

How construction could be kept open amid COVID-19?

To keep construction sites open during COVID-19, the State and Federal Orders have announced a reduction in the workforce. However, it also needs construction workers and employers to align with safety guidelines which are essential to prevent exposure and reduce the risk of illness. Moreover, the sites need to be prepared as per the Federal Guidelines issued by OSHA to ensure maximum safety.

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