Washington: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Restricted
Orders/Effective From: Safe Start Plan/May 4, 2020

​A statewide stay at home order is announced by Governor Jay Inslee effective untill May 4, 2020. However, a special memo was released by the Governor to share the status of construction and introduce the idea of low-risk construction.

As per the recent updates, Governor Inslee on May 4, 2020, has announced safe start plan under which revival of state’s economy will be the primary concern. However, all the business and activities will only resume in phases following the health and safety guidelines.

Governing Body:The Office Of Governor Jay Inslee

Questions about Construction during COVID-19?

Though COVID-19 has severely affected the United States, bringing a lot of restrictions and orders on continuing construction, the most significant information people seek is all about the status of construction in different states. During these crises, when there is an immediate need for resource planning, our team has put their experience as an ERP accounting software team to develop a list of Frequently Asked Questions that can help construction firms during COVID-19. If there is anything we have not included or missed, please reach our team.

FAQs: Status of Construction

Washington has become the first state to implement advanced construction guidelines under which any site unable to perform social distancing rules guidelines will be suspended.

Also, it was announced by the Governor on March 25 that any residential or commercial construction should be prevented while only essential and emergency service-related construction can be continued.

However, the order released before March 25 addressed construction as essential, permitting residential or commercial construction.
Under the list of essential businesses, hardware, and home improvement material dealers are permitted to function.
Yes, the data related to the contract, expenses, estimated delivery, job schedules, etc. could help track the project progress which can justify the excuse against liabilities raised in interest to delay. However, it would be easier for construction firms who have project management and accounting software in place.

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Keeping construction open amid COVID-19 to stick with the guidelines issued by the Health Department and Government of Washington. These include safety tips on preparing the workplace as well as other practices which employers and employees must adhere to. The regulations included social distancing, wearing of masks & gloves, and proper sanitation are mandated.
Prevent Worker Exposure to Coronavirus (OSHA)
Worker Exposure Risk to COVID-19 (OSHA)
Higher Risk Jobs Need Extra Protections to Keep Workers Safe (OSHA)
Yes, the employers such as construction companies and contractors could reach for Small Business Administration or SBA’s program for loans. Moreover, several unemployment insurance benefits can be applied for under the CARES Act.
In order to benefit from Force Majeure protections, activity data regarding resources, financials and project status should be tracked using a robust construction accounting software and submitted to the governing officials to demonstrate project delays and incurred expenses were due to COVID-19

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