Questions about Construction during COVID-19?

Though COVID-19 has severely affected the United States, bringing a lot of restrictions and orders on continuing construction, the most significant information people seek is all about the status of construction in different states. ProjectPro is accounting software for subcontractors that has used its vast industry experience to develop a list of Frequently Asked Questions that can help contractors in dealing with COVID-19. If there is anything we have not included or missed, please reach our team. If there is anything we have not included or missed, please reach our team.

FAQs: Status of Construction

The state, county, and cities have not placed restrictions on construction of any kind.
There are no restrictions on the opening of building material or other construction material suppliers. However, practicing safety guidelines should be promoted at an individual level.
Yes, the State authorities along with the Department of Health have released certain guidelines that construction firms need to follow at the workplace. These include OSHA guidelines for preparing the workplace and ensure the safety of the workers at all levels.
Yes, tracking data related to contracts, expenses, estimated delivery, job schedules, etc. would demonstrate project progress and interruptions due to COVID-19 restrictions, and in turn, help reduce project losses. This is a straightforward task for construction firms who have a robust project management and accounting software in place.

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Though construction in the state has been considered as an essential activity, construction companies and contractors must ensure that all the necessary precautions for prevention should be taken. These include awareness of workers on safety rules, physical distancing, wearing masks & gloves, and following all the rules that are necessary to prevent exposure.
Yes, the small construction firms or those who are working in contract with the Government could apply for the insurance claims related to unemployment provisioned under CARES Act. Apart from this, construction firms who are eligible for the PayCheck Protection Program under SBA can also apply to seek help with retaining cash flow.
In order to benefit from Force Majeure protections, activity data regarding resources, financials and project status should be tracked using a robust construction accounting software and submitted to the governing officials to demonstrate project delays and incurred expenses due to COVID-19.

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