South Carolina: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

With home or work order in effect, construction of housing, essential services, energy, infrastructure is allowed. The order has been issued for an indefinite time until any amendments or closure is issued by the authorities.

Under the executive orders from Governor McMaster announced on July 11, 2020, the state of emergency will be extended until July 26, 2020, i.e. another 15 days. However, the new amendments have provisions for transportation waivers which will stay in effect until any further orders are issued. For detailed read on executive orders, check here.

October 2020 Update: Governor of South Carolina have announced an amendment under consolidated emergency measures on October 2, 2020. This executive order contain most update on social gatherings and safety guidelines. However, the construction in the state is deemed as an essential activity which is likely to continue with essential safety practices.

Governing Body: ​The Office Of Governor Henry McMaster

FAQs: South Carolina Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

The orders have considered construction to have an exemption.Under the Charleston order, construction with skilled workers, repair, and development of essential infrastructure is permitted.However, the Columbia list of essential services has only considered repair and maintenance as necessary, along with some essential infrastructure.
All the stores dealing in hardware and home improvement material are exempted.
To resume construction in the state for all essential services need construction sites to be fully protected against the exposure. However, to keep construction open in the state while understanding the guidelines to work re-entry released by the authorities.

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